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    It all depends on what you plan to use your laptop for.
    If you're going to store a lot of data on your laptop, then I would probably avoid a Solid State drive as if you wish to have a larger capacity then they will be very expensive (almost the price of a new laptop.)
    However if you use your laptop for JUST general use such as Internet browsing, Office work etc, then you could easily get a 80-120GB solid state drive which will make your laptop quicker !

    Here are few examples:
    Samsung SSD $100
    OCZ 128GB $120

    These prices are without postage and packaging

    If you want a HDD to store a variety of music and movies, then you will probabley need a 500GB+ hard disc drive which I'd recommend Samsung, Western Digital and Seagate.
    Don't bother with Hybrids, 10,000+ RPM drives as they usually will just break on you. You may as well go all in, one or the other.
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