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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard - Academy Cafeteria

    Lucia mostly blankly stared at Brian as he talked. She glanced over at Mark and chuckled a bit,"Uh... one moment please Brian." She said as she grabbed Mark's arm and began to drag him away, "I know that N guy can do it, but two people!?" She asked him a hushed whisper. "Why didn't you tell me this sooner!? This can make everything go so much smoother!" She said with a frown. "Now I have to rework the entire plan! We can easily get pokemon to go along with it now so we could have hep with the decorations and treats, not to mention how to get grass types to grow some amazing flowers for you to give to Valorie as well as having bird types come in and practice when to fly right across the moon at the right angle and at the right time and chirp to get that romantic feeling going!" She crossed her arms, "So many thing to do and you were holding out on me!"

    Samuel was now rather curious at this point. "Really? He can talk to us?" He asked Len. "How can he?"

    Diana just cocked her head, "So... he can understand us?"

    Robert shifted a bit and glanced at the boy with a frown. So, he could understand them. Interesting. Though that would probably get in the way of him trying to find out more about Snype if that human could understand his talking.

    Tyro immediately burst into laughter and fell onto his rump as he giggled and quickly clamped down his arms to protect his sides.
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