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    Originally Posted by C_r_e_a_m_p_u_f_f View Post
    Misty in LeafGreen. I had Charmeleon so she had one heck of an advantage. Also, Bellsprout was very weak too. I had to evolve it and make Weepinbell 25 before I could beat her. No other gym was tough, not even Whitney, since after the Misty incident I always trained my Pokémon heck damn lot before battling.
    Definitely this. Misty was very very tough for us who chose Charmeleon.

    Also Clay was pretty darn strong too. I figured my Samurott could handle him but once that Excadrill came out it was a whoole other story. Good thing I had trained my Pokemon up a few levels higher and both Darmanitan and Samurott were faster and I was able to pull through in just 2 tries.
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