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    Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
    If I'll post Viridian Forest some time soon, you'll likely get to spend a lot of time there (meaning several posts), developing your characters but go ahead, I made three posts in chapter 1 so why not.

    I'm in GMT+1 I believe. Usually australians and asians are asleep when I'm up and posting in my evenings, while americans are at work or in school :p so I've got a really bad timezone for PC haha.
    Yeah, you're right. I'll just wait until the Viridian Forest comes out! So excited (: I've really been wanting to interact with someone, so if anyone wants to try and make friends with Trey just let me know. But he doesn't play well with others, so i apologize in advance ):

    I'm American, but you know what they say about us Americans. We're all fat right? That's why i sleep ALLLL day ;D LOLOL just playing not fat ;p
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