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Brian kind of blinked at the two. How did he do it? He had no idea, he just could. It never really had occurred to him to wonder why.

"I dunno... Never really stopped to wonder that. What are your names?" he asked them, smiling happily, reaching to pet both of them. Thyme rolled her eyes at Snype's comment and walked over to Roberto.

"Well aren't you just the unsocial one." she commented, crossing her arms and looking at him. She wasn't fond of the attitude of disdain he seemed to have.

"Romanitic places?" Brian echoed, racking his brain. Why one earth would she ask him that? Um... He honestly had nothing. The only gil he had had a crush on didn't seem to be around anymore. Still, he thought about it some more. And... Came up with nothing.

"I... Have no idea. I... Never really thought about... Stuff like that." he said with a blush. In truth he had been more concerned with pokemon than anyone else.
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