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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
I'm really heartened by some of the advice and attitudes here. :D It's not easy to do what makes you happy when people try to make you feel bad about it, but when you've got support and confidence you can stand up for yourself and that is a great approach to life for everything.
I must say that I agree with everything you've just said in this post. Although I'm new here, I appreciate all the comments and advice given by everyone else who posts on here. Just having people to discuss these issues (I use that term loosely) with, makes me feel much more confident right off the bat. Like you said, it's not easy to do what makes you happy, especially when you have other people in your life telling you that you shouldn't be who you want to be because it's wrong and not within the "societal norm".

Originally Posted by François View Post
I don't think it's pointless at all, and your post completely fails to take into account the different circumstances of people who have something to come out about. I know for me, not being out really just makes things much more complicated. I don't need years of my parents nagging me over not having girlfriends / a wife, or whatever. Though really my circumstances as regards the whole coming out thing are rather unfortunate. My entire family are more than a bit homophobic and coming out to them before I'm financially independent isn't really an option. Which means I'm going to have a needlessly overcomplicated uni life (mum loves Facebook stalking and the like) but alas, I'll live. I do intend to come out eventually, if only so I can get a clean cut answer as to whether or not it's OK. If it is, that's great, but if it's not, losing contact with my family is no massive loss anyway as long as I don't need money off them.

(Hi I'm François I'd quite like to join if you'll have me)
Hi, François!

Welcome to the club!

It's unfortunate your family isn't accepting towards what you're happy with being. I kind of face the same situation, but I think my parents would still care for me whether or not I told them I was straight or gay. It's confusing because I've had a parent tell me that "two guys kissing was gross", and they've remarked about being gay as being something shunned upon, but yet they come around and tell me that if I was, that'd be totally fine. Anyways, I hope to come out eventually, too. I'm also in college and depend heavily on my parents for financial support. I don't think they'd cut me off financially if I told them I was gay, though, which is something that I'm sure you're scared of because you have no means of helping yourself financially. Believe me, I don't either. As for family relations, I do worry about losing my family members if I did come out, and I guess that's maybe why I've been holding back on telling my parents, but you know what I've come to realize, if a family member is going to not speak to me because of my sexuality, they're not worth my time. Simple as that, tbh.

I hope everything works out for you.

And welcome again. :D