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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard - Academy Cafeteria

    Lucia sighed rubbed her forehead. "Okay... we need to scout then. Later tonight and tomorrow, we need to find a good place. Brian, can you get some plant types and bird types together? I am seeing a vision! Birds chirping and flying past on a shining full moon, grass types that can grow the perfect flowers and give Mark something very nice to give to Valorie! Hm... we'll need decorations as well! How are you with fashion Brian? I need a good eye to critique my own work."

    Samuel allowed himself to be petted, but Diana strayed away, "Uh... I'm not comfortable with that. Maybe once we know each other better..." She stated.

    The Absol meanwhile was enjoying the attention, "Hehe, not bad boy. Samuel and it's a pleasure to meet you."

    Roberto glanced down at the Snivy. "You are aligned with the gremlin. I have no reason to talk to you." He muttered as he glanced away.
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