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Hello, I would like to trade mac for this:

Therian Forme Tornadus ♂ Lv. 40
OT: Prim | ID: 7
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Regenerator
IVs: 31, 31, 31, 12, 31, 31 Electric 59
EVs: Untrained
Moves: Revenge, Air Cutter, Extrasensory, Agility

I can offer an EV trained dragonite with the multiscale ability (brave, loves to eat) or a shiny event golurk. I also have other shinies to trade as well. I only ask for this because I did not have the money to get the pokedex 3D pro, so I can't get the therian formes of Landorus, Tornadus or Thunderus. If you could help me out by trading this with me, I'd be much appreciated. Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon on the matter!

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