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    Applying for Teacher! Here's my CV xD:

    Name: James Tate [Tate]

    Age: 25

    Sex: Male

    Job: Pokémon Biology and Ecology

    Appearance: Tate is an average height man, measuring about 5’ 7’’, and has a thin build. His skin is light bronze, because he’s permanently outdoors, due to his job, and gets lots of direct sunlight. In contrast with the skin, his eyes are light green, but if the light hits his eyes in a particular direction, the color will change from green to blue. This happens, because he once had blue eyes and has the years passed by their color changed to light green. Tate’s hair is dark brown and thick and, which can make it quite matted, especially by the morning.
    He usually uses quite fine clothes, not too fancy, but not too modest, which he prefers to be somewhat practical for working on the field. People usually find him younger than he really is, giving him 19 or 20, when he’s actually 25. He often wears an emerald bracelet in his left wrist and a notable feature is his cologne.

    Personality: Some call him a dreamer, others think he’s just a party animal, because he’s rarely angry and very humorous, but Tate finds himself a visionary with a truly open mind, otherwise he wouldn't choose a career as an ecologist. He’s also somewhat a lone wolf, but likes to work with other people, what he actually does when it comes to research. He just doesn't want to become compromised, since that could deprive him of his travels around the world and to the yet-to-be-discovered habitats of Pokémon.
    When it comes to teaching and interaction with his students, Tate can be as authoritarian and severe as he is cheerful and joker. He gives his classes in a relaxed and calm way, but can quickly turn himself into a very demanding teacher, in order to press his students and make clear that they only achieve excellence, when their limits are reached.

    History: Born in the town of Azalea, where he spent his childhood admiring bug and grass-type Pokémon, he was the fourth son of a lumberjack and a water-seller. Like already said, Tate was fascinated by the wildlife that lived around his town, which made him choose a career where he could in permanent contact with the Pokémon he most liked, despite the willing of his father to become a lumberjack like him and his brothers.
    Tate met his Pokémon, at the Ilex Forest, when he was just a Karrablast. Like an ordinary day, Tate and his father went to the forest to cut some trees for making timber to sell. When his father cut down a tree, he didn’t realize that a little Karrablast was just beneath it and Lance was trapped underneath the fallen tree, stunned by the hit. If Tate didn’t shout at the precise moment his father was about to cut the tree on that place, Lance would be nothing but Karrablast Sashimi. Fortunatelly, the boy saw the Karrablast’s little horns underneath the tree.
    From that day on, Lance was in debt with his trainer and as so he does for his trainer what he once did for him: protect.
    At the age of 17, Tate left his home and family to pursue his dream of becoming an ecologist and went to the Royal Academy of Pokémon Sciences, in the region oh Hoenn, to get a degree on ecology. Once the course was finished, he could finally return to his home and start finding a job in his home region: Johto. However, he wouldn't return to Azalea anymore, neither see his family again, due to a massive wildfire that burnt his home and town, killing both parents and his three brothers.
    Tate, now being 21 years old, started to roam across the region of Hoenn, searching for a place he could set on, although he never found it. One year later, he received a letter from his mentor at the Academy, inviting him to assist him on his classes and eventually giving some by himself. He embraced the opportunity and for 4 years taught Pokémon Ecology at the Royal Academy of Pokémon Sciences. However, he wanted to explore other regions and so he traveled to Pallet Town, where he met Gary Oak who invited him to collaborate on his Pokémon Trainer Academy project.


    Lance [Escavalier], Male, Lv. 35

    Ability: Swarm | Moveset: Headbutt, Quick Guard, Slash, Twineedle

    Personality: He's very protective with his trainer and assists him in the classes. However, he's kinda clumsy, because of his lance-like arms.

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