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    Ryuu Higoroshi
    Chapter 1: 3C's Homeroom teacher
    Classroom 13

    Ryuu blinked a few times from Solo's words and the way he left Higoroshi's sensei classroom. "Ppft… heckler." Ryuu chuckled as he made his way back to his comfortable chair. He took his lunchbox out of his leather, old school teachers bag and opened it. He smelled the flavor of the noodles that was hidden inside this particular box. "Hmm… Duck flavor." Ryuu almost started drooling from just the scent.

    He took the chopsticks he had brought with him within his few fingers and started to consume his dinner. He heard noise coming from a floor below him but didn't bother to take a look, it probably was a fight in the cafeteria. "Let the other teachers take care of it this time…" the somewhat lazy teacher thought. He had taken care of enough fights this day.

    After a few hours of preparation for his next lesson he started to yawn. He had a suprised look on his face when he took a small glance on his watch and noticed it was 10.30 pm already. "Wew! Time to get some rest!" Ryuu stretched himself before he stood up and made his way to the teachers dormatory.

    He opened the door of his rather… manly looking room and without changing his clothes he immediately hopped into his bed to get some rest.

    Maya Nami Kyuuketsuki
    Chapter 1: The roommate
    Dorm room

    As soon as Nami had been brought back to reality by Elene's soothing violin play and her very wise comment, She immediately thought about a decent apology. Nami didn't often got drown in her deep thoughts and this was one of these rare moments that she did. "I'm very sorry, I guess my thoughts caught my attention for a few minutes." Nami warmly smiled, the sound coming from the violin was very pleasing and chimed beautifully in the ears.

    "I must say that you're pretty good at playing that small intrument you got there…" she said after Elene admitted she was a Soprano and asked if she wouldn't mind joining in at some point. "Ofcourse I wouldn't, in fact i'd love to." Nami spoke, but she had seen what time it is and reconsidered her decision to join in right now.

    "Perhaps I could join in at some point tomorrow, since it's pretty late right now." Nami pointed at the clock at the wall and smiled once again. But instead of doing what she said she would do, she joined in at the violin playing with her voice and song a little bit. The voice was pretty soothing and it wasn't bad at all, and same went for Elene's violin playing. As if two Vampires had been trown out of heaven and were making beautiful music together. Even though that, Nami was waiting for Elene to join the song she was singing since it was pretty known. Nami was getting pretty curious for Elene's voice.

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