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    Rutack ShadowBlade

    Rutack bit into a crisp juicy red apple, and stared at the slowly smoldering fire that he was cooking some of his breakfast with. Behind him the Shadow Drake, Shade was curled up still sleeping, but always ready for his trainer's call. Rutack, continued eating the apple, thinking of how he hadn't found his quarry, his prey yet. "It won't matter," he told himself, "sooner or later she is bound to come this way." Just as he said this, he heard approaching footsteps, Shade raised his head, sniffed the air, and after a while decided that it wasn't a threat, and went back to sleep. After a few more minuets, one of the kings messengers came out of the forest and handed a letter to Rutack, then ran quickly away. the letter was a return summons, a recall to Issathon. Questions were running through Rutack's mind as he and Shade packed up and took to the skies towards Issathon.

    The flight was short, when they reached Issathon, Shade and Rutack landed at the dragon stables. Rutack jumped off Shade's back and landed in a crouched position. Rutack took the saddle and the bags off of Shade's back and set them inside the stable, Shade then laid down stomach growling and a large sense of hunger coming over their bond. Rutack smiled and went off to the butchers, after some bartering, he came back with the side of a freshly killed cow, and put it on the food plate in front of Shade. "go ahead and eat up," Rutack said with a smile, "you've earned it." Shade began hungrily eating the meat. Rutack rubbed the dragon's snout, "I'll be back soon Shade," he said. Shade feeling content nodded his head, and went back to his meal, emotions of contentment traveling over their strong bond. Rutack went a little ways off to a wall that contained a secret passage way that ran from the Stables to the King's castle, he silently and slowly pushed in on the brick button and slipped inside the passage.

    The passage was old, cold, and very dusty but was structurally sound, there were a few torches lit to show the way. Rutack quickly and quietly ran through the passageway until he reached the end, he slowly opened the trap door and stepped out into the king's throne room. The king's throne had been placed in front of the trap door to keep it hidden from any unwanted eyes. He looked around the room, for a moment, then after seeing that there was no one there, he exited the throne room and went to the next place the king would be, the small meeting room, the one used for private meetings between the king and the lords. Rutack reached the door to the room, slowly and silently turned the handle, and slipped in. He bowed to the king, "you wanted me sire?" he asked.
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