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Hi, Alex.

Guys and gals, I had to share this with you! It's so inspirational and sweet. I found it on another website and it really brought a smile to my face.

Here's the picture description:

"Meet Laurel, she's 15. Laurel decided to come out in a pretty creative way, she baked a cake and frosted it with the words "I'm gay." Next to the cake she wrote a note asking for her parent's acceptance (using a lot of puns).

Wonder how it went? Laurel updated her Tumblr with their reactions. "My dad saw the cake and came into my room and hugged me and laughed. He said he loved me and the cake and the letter and everything was perfect. My mom saw it and cried of happiness. We hugged and cried together. Then, we all ate the cake and talked. I am very lucky to have such supporting parents."

I'm so glad her parents were so accepting. :D Such a great story!