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    Originally Posted by Sabrewulf238 View Post
    A zoo would go against the pokemon way I think, locking pokemon up in cages is something you'd see the evil teams do.

    I would like to see a vast African style safari zone though. Something that doesn't feel enclosed.
    No, not really. Humans trap Pokemon in spherical airtight compartments for convient travel.

    A Zoo would only serve purpose to show off some Pokemon to an area that isn't heavily influenced by Pokemon. A City with no Gym or that doesn't really see the Pokemon Trainer's way of life as something important or just isn't for any of them. The Zoo could show off Pokemon that are so rare that most people never see them like Pokemon from other regions that aren't in the Pokedex Pre or Post E4. It could be a way to fill the Pokedex without having to trade, battle, or receive from events.
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