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    Originally Posted by roboyarou View Post

    is there anyone who knows the password for the research center at argent warehouse?
    please help me guys
    miksy your a great game creator i love it its really great
    is beta 3.1 have a full version?
    send me a link please thanks :D
    Apparently there is someone who knows the password.
    I could actually just give it away; there is really nothing to lose because you won't get any use of it in following releases

    Try "COPPER", oughta work! You can't access upper floors though. Either the game freezes when entering the door or you can't enter the door at all.

    Beta 3.1 is not the full version. I have still planned two more updates (betas 4 and 5) before releasing the first complete version. That might take a while...

    For others wondering why the password is COPPER, well that is because I had designed a quiz related to chemistry to be part of the hack. But most people would have just found that stupid by knowing nothing at all about it so I scrapped the idea. And now it has been changed into a numerical code which actually has something lot more fun behind it than a silly quiz!

    Originally Posted by Glitch Kitty View Post
    Is the Squirtle supposed to be shiny or am I really lucky ? (nicknamed him Poseidon)
    I guess this was answered well-enough as well, hahha!

    Originally Posted by Glitch Kitty View Post

    Where am I supposed to go after picking up my friend (loved the Final Fantasy reference) ? There's a Black belt who needs a first-aid kit blocking my path in Area 105 (I think) and the North Star (Cave at the north) is apparently too cold for me since I don't have warm clothes.
    Even though I have explained all this in FAQ, you're right about one fact that they should be explained better in the game itself. By now, I have made it so your friend actually shows up during the talk with the Black belt and tells about a person called Dr. Frank who lives in Highland Town. So he tells you they should probably pay a visit to that Frank guy if they wanted to help out this black belt.
    Also related to Woolly Hat there, some townspeople in Little Stone talk about Brady having a habit to give clothes as presents to the trainers beating her (for one reason or another). But this is also one of those add-ons for beta 4 I think (this was replaced with the "Pokedoll dialogue house").

    Originally Posted by Glitch Kitty View Post
    There's also surfing spots but even if I have a water type (the aforementioned Squirtle) he doesn't have surf and I don't have any HM for that...
    I tend to leave lots of things so that they cannot be explored right away. You might find hidden items or something better in areas that can only be reached with surfing. And that there is just one example.
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