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Originally Posted by LightningAlex View Post
Wow, that's awesome xD Could someone just please help me read and understand one line? It's the "I hope you, much like this cake, are not m tiers"... I have a hard time understanding puns x.x

You're right. I shouldn't have been so quick to guess your reaction to losing contact with your family. Sorry about that.
But still, we could probably debate over this topic for hours, there will always be two sides. Both coming out and not coming out have their pros and cons. I understand you want to be honest. It's honorable and much easier, knowing you don't have to lie and hide. But I personally always choose to stay on the "not coming out" side.
Rereading it again, she used a lot of puns! Lol. I think it says, "I hope you, much like this cake, are not in tiers." I think she meant that she hoped her parents weren't going to cry (in an upset/regretful way) over her sexuality. As we also know, cakes come in tiers, or layers, but she used the word 'tiers' since she was talking about a cake, although she actually meant real human tears, if that makes sense. xD

About the reaction topic, I think whether or not your family rejects you afterwards depends entirely on the family. You can't really say how anyone will react when you tell them your sexuality. As you said, Alex, I think most families who are iffy about homosexuality, lesbianism, etc, as it is, will question their son or daughter's decision at first. Even those who aren't might just say, "It's just a phase", or "You're just confused", in hope their "fears" didn't come true. Now, if your family is one which consists of die-hard religious believers or just radical thinkers, I could see them unfortunately going to extreme measures to "change" their son or daughter. It all depends, imo.

In the end, though, we're all human beings and although it's been done before, I can't imagine how a mother or father, who gave birth to their son or daughter, would just disown them over their sexuality.