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    Originally Posted by Anbuja's_BlooDY View Post
    Okay question to A-map users:

    Let's say I want to map a bridge over a canyon, I need the behavior byte "Block is covered by Hero", so that when I cross it I'll be on it.

    But what if I make it possible to go to the lowerest level of the canyon, and walk under the bridge , and since the behavior byte is "block is covered by Hero" i will be on it again.

    How'd I do it that when i acess the bridge from down, that the hero is covered by the bridge, as it would be irl too, and that when I acess it from the high level that Im on it.

    I hope I explained it kind off well, if not I'll post screenshots to be more clear.

    Nice big section near the end of this tutorial^

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