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Finally got my Crystal version up and running after some slight hiccups. Here's what I've done so far.

Got Raichu from Prof. Elm. Named it Tron.

Took off to get egg from Mr. Pokemon.

Got the map card from the Old Man.

Got the egg from Mr. Pokemon.

Battled my rival for the first time. He chose Cyndiquil. Also named him Clu.

Had mom save my money while I battle random strangers.

Defeated Falkner with ease for my first badge.

Got Flash from Bellsprout Tower.

I picked up the egg from Mr. Pokemon at the Pokemon Center from one of Prof. Elms assistants.

Found a few Uknown in the Ruins of Alph.

Caught a Bellsprout and named it Belle. It gets taught Flash.

Made my way through Union Cave without incident.

After Union Cave I help Kurt get back all the towns Slowpoke from Team Rocket. Their poor tails.

I take on Clu for the second time. His Cyndaquil has somehow evolved into a Croconaw. I kid you not.

A little after this battle the mystery egg hatched. It's a Togepi I have decided to name Eggbert. He's promptly shoved into a box until I get closer to Prof. Elm to show him.

Tron the Raichu: 1 out of 8 badges obtained.

Level: 20 (I fight everything I run into)
HP: 62
Attack: 48
Defense: 33
Special Attack: 45
Special Defense: 41
Speed: 49

Thundershock/Tail Whip/Quick Attack/Thunderbolt.

On a side note, he still learns nothing. Seriously, rock/ground types suck with this pokemon until I can learn Iron Tail, which I have no idea where I get in Crystal.

Tron the Riachu Ultimate Solo Challenge:
Leaf Green - Completed: 8 of 8 badges obtained, Elite 4 defeated
Crystal - 1 of 8 badges obtained
Emerald -
Platinum -
White 2 -
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