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Starting with Yellow>Crystal>Emerald>Platinum>Black 2.
Will use emulators because my current saves for my actual cartridges are precious to me, lol.

Using Ditto for all of these.

Pokemon Yellow

Name of Ditto: Slurpy

Just after the battle with Pewter Gym, Slurpy's level is 18.
Grinding super hard right now lol.
Badge numero UNO

After going through Mt.Moon, clearing the Cerulean Gym and clearing Cerulean city, Slurpy's level is 29
Badge numero DOS

After clearing Vermillion City, S.S. Anne and the Vermillion Gym, Slurpy's level is 37
Badge numero TRES

The most treacherous cave ever: Rock Tunnel. Both annoying and time consuming, no? Even speeding it up didn't change how I felt about this cave. Cleared the Rock Tunnel and the Routes around Lavender Town. Slurpy's now level 45.

Travelled through the underground tunnel and headed to Celadon City where I kicked Team Rocket's butt for the Silph Scope and died whole bunch at Celadon Gym. Slurpy is level 49
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