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Originally Posted by Anbuja's_BlooDY View Post
Figured that out in a sec lol ty, but new problem lol

Since I don't use a bridge type like that but another one, this:

I need now to get it right so that I'am able to walk under it when I come from the green path, but when I walk on the red path, that the 2 ledges(red bubbles) are unwalkable, if i set a 1, I wont be able to get under it if i come from the green path.

Any ideas?
Have the all of the railing's behaviour and background bytes set to 00. Then once you've made your bridge in A-Map set their movement permission to 0xC or whatever movement permission you've set to go under the bridge. This way while the tiles may look like they're connected to the bridge from the player's perspective they will have the behaviour blocks which are underneath (i.e be covered by/ impassable to the player when on top of the bridge and the oposite when underneath). You could kind of liken it to an optical illusion :P