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    1-1; ROWDY ROOTS
    Zoey Wyrmoki / / Route 2
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    Excitement sets in as Zoey sets out into the rolling hills north of Viridian City. Behind her lies various conglomerations of residential neighborhoods scattered around the corporate high-rises of downtown. Glancing upward, the sun signifies time of day, lying in the upper western portion of the sky, but often gets obscured by passing clouds due to the partially cloudy conditions of the day. Partially moisturized from her earlier bouts of physical exertion due to her late appointment with the Professor, she sighs in relief, looking upon the wooden sign dictating entrance into the first wilderness that her journey will take: Route 2. No longer pressing for time, her adventure from here on out can take a more leisurely course. Here and now, her journey as a Pokemon trainer begins. However, trepidation soon bubbles to the surface, Zoey's focus shifting to the pink bag resting on her left hip, the current location of her pokeballs, and one in particular. The creature she chose as her starter, Grovyle, presents a unique challenge to her. The girl's never been great with Pokemon, even when they've been domesticated pets, and often escapades into her home's backwoods involved interactions with Pokemon that usually resulted in chasing or getting chased by the mystical creatures. If she will have any hopes of capturing some Pokemon or winning battles against other trainers, her first order of business requires earning the respect of her new companion.

    Hesitantly, Zoey unzips her pink sack part of the way, forging an opening of an appropriate size to withdraw her glittery white pokedex in addition to feeling out the pokeball she's certain contains her reptilian comrade, or, as she sees it currently, her first Pokemon, as she has much to do before the two of them can manage to strengthen their relationship. Given the specially designed trainer's bag slung with a strap over her right shoulder, a compartment inside that allows the pocketing of occupied Pokemon as well as their organization permits easy access to whichever Pokemon she wants at a given time, this case it being her grovyle. Placing the pokeball in her right while the pokedex stays clenched between her left's fingers and palm, her smile crooks into an anxious slant, engaging the releasing mechanism to unleash her feisty grass-type into the open world once more, this time without the interference of the Professor. Who knows? Perhaps the more pristine environment of Route 2 will allow Grovyle to act more relaxed. After all, it's a grass type, and there's a lot more greenery and nature present. This might be the perfect opportunity to establish lasting bonds with the peculiar jungle raptor! Not.

    Screeching in relief, it takes a mere moment before the creature's eyes lock onto Zoey, not unlike the time she first met the green and red monster back at the Pokemon Center. In no time at all, it spikes its head into the air, hissing and gurgling before dropping off with its piercing glare, returning its steely eyes onto the apprehensive young girl, the gall of a -human- who dares intrude on its territory once again. Gargling oddly as its maw opens and closes subtly, Zoey returns the lizard's hostile recognition of her, a crooked smile on her face, lifting her right as it trembles slightly in order to ease the scenario as best as possible. Social niceties were never the girl's strength, and they validate their proficiency, the grovyle wasting no time in lunging towards the young woman. This time, she's better prepared for its expected assault, ducking and rolling to her left, keeping her pokedex and the Pokemon's pokeball intact while the creature's Quick Attack's claws narrowly escape the teen's sporty attire. Howling in a raspy voice, the vicious lizard jerks its noggin around furiously in a fit of rage, but its eyes don't linger for long, quickly identifying the new location of its "trainer", slowly shifting its position to face the girl while the beast's scowl fixates onto her feminine frame, hissing routinely in irritation.

    This time, Zoey's expression hardens, arching her brows and straightening her smile as she holds her own in the stare-down, ensuring the grass-type that this girl means business, all while flipping open her pokedex in curiosity to analyze the creature in case any answers can be given to assist her predicament. "Grovyle, the Wood Gecko Pokemon. Grovyle lives in dense jungles and deep forests, able to camouflage from its prey using the leaves that grow out of its body. While closing in on its prey, it leaps from branch to branch with speed and agility unmatched by any other creature, no matter how fast they might be. Ok, but this doesn't tell me enough..."

    Blood-curdling noises burst from Grovyle's mouth, frothing in rage as it makes a hasty beeline for Zoey, its gaping maw wide in preparation for an attack. "Yiieeeep!"

    Squealing in shock, Zoey dodges again the Quick Attack to the left, quickly folding up her pokedex and tucking it back into her sack before her momentum pivots her around to face Grovyle once again, who to her surprise not only adjusted its position after missing its target, already commences its next attack, striking Zoey square in the face with an aggressive Pound attack, launching her several yards back, even sending her airborne for over a second before she lands in tall grass aside the road she was previously on. Moaning in pain from her grass-type's ruthless assault, she begins sitting herself up, opening her eyes to take in her surroundings, until she spots a moderately sized green object leaping into the air at impeccable speeds, landing on top of Zoey as she, wide eyed in astonishment, tries to scramble backwards on her hands to avoid the lizard's third Quick Attack, to no avail. Its attack slams into the belly of the young girl, forcing her to reel in agony, coughing up spit and mucus and launching it into the air above her in reaction to Grovyle's fierce assail. Screeching atop her, the reptile eyes the human under foot, a bizarre case of deja vu from only a few hours earlier. In conquest, the beast lowers its head, hissing in the girl's face her eyes locked shut due to the pain and the stream of saliva getting sprinkled all over her pretty face, before preparing its next attack, expanding its mouth to reveal a fierce assortment of daggers for teeth. Tossing its head up briefly, the grass-type aims its maw for the girl's neck, thrusting downward to unleash a rather bizarre attack for its species.

    BAM!!! Caught completely off guard, a fist smashes into the reptile's jaw, causing it to topple over and fall off of Zoey. Wasting no time, she rolls to her right, jumping up onto her feet before hastily returning her focus to Grovyle. The monster hisses and groans in the pile of grass, taking a longer time than expect to recover, but remains on all fours, shaking its head in a recovery effort before returning its golden glare to Zoey. This time, however, the creature's moves are almost sluggish, Grovyle hesitating to move much as it stares at its trainer, returning the same expression back towards the felled lizard. Zoey's first instinct in this case is to pull out her pokedex and begin scanning grovyle, maybe to learn more about her's in particular, but instead, she defers, shifting her gaze from her sack to her grovyle, watching it hiss towards her but no longer striking out at her like before, its behavior puzzling the Pokemon-ignorant young woman. Lost in the scenario, Zoey softens her gaze, her eyes drifting lower to the ground, her mind lost in analysis in an attempt to salvage what potential for a partnership there might be left.

    "I don't know why you keep attacking me, but... you're my Pokemon now. I want us to be friends, but... I'm not sure what I can do to be a friend to you. Thing is... I don't really know how to be a good friend myself," the girl's soft but clear voice professes, "I have a feeling there's something deeper that's causing you to behave this way, but I want us to get along."

    Grovyle's scowling expression still lingers, hissing occasionally in the girl's direction, signifying its unwavering hostility towards its trainer, despite Zoey's attempts at bridging the distance between the two of them. She sighs, her patience thinning over the creature's refusal to give her chance. Nonetheless, Zoey refuses to give up, already mentally committing to her unruly partner, even if it takes days, weeks, or even months for Grovyle to become compliant and learn to build a friendly relationship with her.

    "Oh! How about a name? I'll give you a good name, I promise, so I hope you'll like it!" proclaims the brainstorming Zoey, Grovyle not fazed by the girl's attempts to ingratiate herself to the green reptile. "I'll name you Vuowth, alright?"

    Grovyle, or under its new name Vuowth, couldn't give a damn what this stupid human in front of it decides to call it. The grovyle growls angrily, finding its feet quickly before lunging forward out of the grass that concealed it, heading straight for Zoey at extremely high speeds, crashing into the teenager's body before she has a chance to retaliate. Flying backwards, the girl skids a few yards across the rocky trail, landing on her back, but recovers quickly enough to evade Vuowth's second consecutive Quick Attack, rolling away to the left, all while withdrawing the frenzied beast's pokeball from her sack. Leaping into the air, Vuowth's green form overshadows Zoey despite her athletic reaction, aiming yet another Quick Attack for the girl's slim belly. However, this attack of Vuowth's falls short, its pokeball aimed directly at it from Zoey's outstretched hand, engaging the returning mechanism that envelops the grass-type's silhouette in a red glow before sucking the Pokemon back into its private domain. Sighing in relief, Zoey takes her time to find her feet, brushing off her denim short shorts before inspecting Vuowth's pokeball, a concerning frown overtaking her demeanor.

    "What am I going to do about this? I can't figure you out..." internalizes the young girl, reflecting on the day's events, shifting her gaze upwards to catch sight of the sky's shifted colors, converting to hues of red, orange, yellow and pink as opposed to blue, marking the advent of evening hours. "Huh!? It's already starting to get dark! ****! Dammit, why do I have such bad luck? At this rate, I'll be lucky to reach the forest's edge by nightfall. Dammit!"

    "I'll deal with you later. Like it or not, you're my companion and I need us to cooperate with each other if we want to get the most out of this journey, alright?" Zoey declares, tossing Vuowth's pokeball into her pink sack after a short eye-to-eye lecture with the pokeball, assuming that the grass-type can even hear her from inside its high-tech lair.

    Zipping up her sack after making her deposit, Zoey redirects her focus down the sandy trail that is Route 2. With the evening sun preparing to hide behind the rotating planet, Zoey realizes she has no more time to waste. Under that knowledge, Zoey begins taking off, moving at the brisk but leisurely pace of a light jog.

    "Maybe I can try to practice some moves and battle with Vuowth tomorrow. Who knows, maybe I'll even find an interesting Pokemon in the area and make an attempt at a capture! I hope it all goes well" she decides, continuing her journey down the road as the first day of her journey begins to come to a close.

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