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    chapter one; Friends and Rivals
    Ben Tobin // Route 2 // pt. 1

    The squat blue otter Pokemon named Dewott came bounding up the hill onto Route 2 with Ben not far behind. The two stood admiring the landscape below. Ben looked down at the Pokemon at his side, then the empty Pokeballs hanging from his belt. He walked over to the shade of a large tree, taking a seat at the base of the trunk as Dewott came and sat across from him. Ben unzipped his pack, taking out the lunch bag that his grandmother had packed the small otter chirped happily at the smell of the food, rubbing her paws together eagerly.

    "Yumm. PB&J." He said smiling fondly and handing half of the sandwich to Dewott who nibbled unsure at the end and then gulped the half down quickly, burping loudly, flushing red in the cheeks.

    "Haha it's ok girl. Grandma's PB&J are pretty great. I don't blame ya." He took a bite from his own half of the sandwich, chewing thoughtfully and watching the rolling hills and lush forest below.

    "We gotta think of a name for you, huh?" Ben said, taking another bite as Dewott nodded, smirking.

    "Hmmm. How about Lucy?" Ben asked, grinning. The little blue otter scratched her head, as if in thought, then jumped up and down eagerly.

    "Dewwwott!" She said, clapping.

    "You like that name? Lucy it is then." He said, finishing his sandwich and taking an apple out of the bag. As he raised it to the light to examine a smudge on one side, the apple was snatched from his hands and he turned to see a strange horse-looking Pokemon standing beside him, gnawing hungrily on the apple and swallowing.

    Ben jumped up, almost in shock as he stared at the majestic black form with white down the back of its neck and white stripes across its underbelly. Lucy stared as well, then looked to her trainer, unsure of what to do.

    "What kind of Pokemon is that?" Ben said, taking out the Pokedex Professor Pine had given to him he flipped it open and it beamed to life, registering the Pokemon isntantly; Blitzle, the electrified Pokemon. Its mane flashes when it discharges electricity. They use the frequency and rhythm of these flashes to communicate.

    "Hmmm. An Electric-type huh?" He looked down at the small Water-type otter at his feet.

    "I know that Water-types are weak against a Pokemon like you, Blitzle, but that'll just make you more challenging to catch!" He unsnapped one of the Pokeballs from his belt, taking a few steps back.

    "Alright Lucy! Let's see what you can do! Give him an Air Slash attack!" Ben had studied Dewott's moves intensely before leaving the city and he knew how to use them. With a confident cry, Lucy leaped high into the air, glowing a bit around her elbows she flew towards the electric horse and attempted to strike at the chest area. However the Blitzle had other ideas and it sidestepped the attack easily, watching the otter collide with the bushes behind it.

    "No! Lucy! Are you okay?" Ben ran over to where she was sitting up, rubbing her head but looking fierce in the face.

    "You alright?" Ben asked, deeply concerned. Lucy nodded and got to her feet, gasping and pointing.

    "Dew! Dew! Dewott!" Ben turned to see the Blitzle stamping its hoof, angrily blowing air as its crystal white mane crackled and shone with a bright white light as it charged faster than Ben could see and it was all he could do to call out.

    "Quick Lucy! Dive out of the way!" Lucy heard the command, but the charge was so lighting-fast that she only barely got out of the way, catching the tail end of the charge in her back, crying out in pain as she tumbled into the dirt path leading away from the city. She lay there for a moment with the electricity crackling around her as Ben came to her side, cradling her in his arms, tears welling in his eyes.

    "You don't have to do it. He's too strong for you. We'll catch another Pokemon okay?" He nuzzled the pained blue otter but she grunted defiantly, hopping out of his arms and stamping a foot in the dirt.

    "Huh? You wanna keep trying?" She nodded and then took off as Ben turned he could see the Blitzle galloping away across an open plain, neighing triumphantly.

    "Alright! We can do this! This Pokemon is strong but that'll make him an even better team member! Go, Lucy! Air Slash to follow him!" At this command the petite blue otter ran as fast as she could and then jumped high into the air again and was off in a flash, hurtling off after the Blitzle landing just behind it.

    "Now, Water Gun!" Lucy's jaws expanded and then she released a great burst of water, catching the Blitzle full-on on its back, sending it tumbling to the grass.

    "Don't let it recover! Give it a tackle! Everything you got!" Lucy charged after the falling electric horse, smashing into its side with a hardy tackle, sending it tumbling even farther across the plain where it stopped and lay, attempting to stand up. But Ben was already sprinting down the plain, Pokeball in hand. He pressed the button on the front and the ball expanded within his grip to roughly the size of a small apple and he hurled the ball with all his force, sending it flying through the air as the Blitzle turned to him, the ball landing on its chest, opening and releasing forth a bright white light and pulling the horse inside and closing it within. Ben stopped beside Lucy, huffing and breathing roughly he put his hands on his knees, looking down at Lucy who stood with her arms crossed and a smirk of victory.

    The ball rocked once, twice, three times and then burst open letting loose the angry Blitzle who came forth with another impossibly fast charge, barely missing Lucy and then turning and charging once more, this time tackling Ben directly knocking him off his feet sending him against a tree trunk where he sunk into the grass. Lucy cried out in anger attempting another tackle but the ticked off Blitzle sidestepped again and continued on back across the plain, this time much faster until it was out of sight. Lucy watched it go for a moment, then remembered Ben, running over to him and lifting his chin, examining him for any cut or bruise.

    "Dew? Dew-ott?" She said sadly as Ben's eyes opened slowly and he smiled then winced, clutching his stomach.
    "Quite the powerful Pokemon eh Luce?" He said through gritted teeth, pulling himself up to his feet but with every step he took he was in pain and he sunk back against the tree, sighing.
    "Maybe we should just rest here for a bit." And with that, he fell asleep.

    -- -- -- -- --

    Ben woke with less pain in his body than before, but it was still there, lingering. A constant reminder of his failure. He glanced down to see Lucy asleep at his feet, curled in the grass. He stretched and sat up a bit, the blue otter instantly coming awake and jumping to her feet.
    "Dew, Dewott?" She said, uncertain as she looked him over.
    "No, I'm fine now. That was one heck of a charge though." Ben rose to his feet, shouldering his pack and looking around the plain.
    "Wonder where it ran off to." He said.
    "Let's head back to the path, maybe we can pick up its trail."

    They walked back across the plain with the sun beating down on their backs as they came back upon the path of Route 2. Ben could see distinct hoof prints in the dirt leading down the path and he followed them carefully, Lucy at his heels watching the prints intently. They walked along the path for some time as the trees got more and more dense around them until they could scarcely see around them. The prints remained, however and they kept on them as they lead across stumps in the route and through a patch of grass where they continued on. They walked on for what seemed like hours before the prints stopped at another massive clearing in the brush.

    Ben raised a hand to his eyes to get a better view and he could see a small stream below in the field where the Blitzle he'd tried to capture was lapping water alongside three of its own kind.
    "Great. Now he's got friends. This won't be easy." He said, glancing down at Lucy.
    "You sure you wanna continue?" We can always catch a different Pokemon.
    But the little otter was indignant. She put her foot down and pointed at the small group by the stream.
    "You're right. This guy's given us some trouble but he's gonna be worth it to add to our team. We can do this."

    They started off down the field, trying not to make themselves known but the Blitzle from earlier knew their scent. Its ears perked and it made a cry to its fellows who all stood at attention, staring at the boy and the otter coming across the field. Ben expected a group charge from the small herd but the others strangely backed off and their Blitzle stepped forth, stamping a hoof in the lush emerald grass. He waved his head about, as if taunting Ben.

    "You can do this, I know you can." He said to Lucy as they drew near of the herd.
    "You've gotta dodge that charge whenever you can and then hit him back even harder. Your water attacks won't do much but you've got Air Slash and your Tackle. You've also got Tail Whip to weaken its defenses."
    That's when a light went off in Ben's head; Tail Whip! That was it! The perfect trick they needed to capture this fierce Pokemon.
    "Ok, here's the plan," Ben said, squatting down to converse with the squat blue otter.

    The Blitzle called out to them as they worked up a plan, stamping his hoof several times and letting his mane shine brightly in the sunlight.
    "Alright Lucy! Let's show this guy that we're worthy of training him! Now, use Air Slash!" And with a flash Lucy was flying down the field, elbows aglow but the electric steed was ready. He burst forth with a charge of his own and met the otter head on. But Lucy was more prepared this time, she dove underneath the Blitzle, through its legs and came out behind it, gripping its tail roughly.
    "Now! Tail Whip!" Lucy turned in mid-air, whipping the steed with her tail over and over until it was dazed, stumbling around the field as its fellows watched on.
    "That's it! Now he's weakened, use Tackle!" The fierce otter landed for only a moment before she was in the air once more, slamming into the Blitzle full on in the face, nearly a headbutt. The horse floundered for a moment, stepped back and sank to the grass, attempting to raise itself up as its whole body crackled with electricity.
    "Quick! Tackle it again with your full force!" Lucy gave a resounding battle cry and sped off up the field as the Blitzle got to its hooves and prepared a charge the otter crashed into its chest, sending it to the grass once more and this time, it stayed down.

    "That's the ticket!" Ben called out, hurling the Pokeball from before at the fallen steed, the same white light from earlier snatching it inside and closing, dropping to the grass where it gave off a fierce shaking, Ben sighed, expecting another failure but suddenly a red light appeared on the center of the ball and it stopped, signaling the capture complete.

    "Yes! We finally got him!" Ben ran over and picked up the ball, pumping it in the air.
    "I caught a Blitzle!" He shouted as the others of the herd backed off and ran away into the trees. Lucy stood at his feet breathing heavy, exhausted but swelling with pride.
    "It's all thanks to you, Luce! You really gave it your all! I'm so proud of you girl." He said squatting down and hugging the small otter. He looked at the ball in his hand, seeing the expectant blinking eyes of the Blitzle within.
    "Welcome to the team bud! You put up a great battle. I just know you're gonna be a great team member.

    And with that, Ben continued on back to Route 2, feeling very happy with his newest team member.
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