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|Diamond: Empoleon/Electivire/Magmortar
Platinum: Gilscor/Togekiss
Heartgold: Machamp/Gliscor

Yeah in Sinoh I had a perference of using pokemons of former Gens who evolve in a gen4 Pokemon and that's how I met Gliscor, Such a tank, decent speed, fantastic movepool although lacked grass moves which didn't give him total coverage but apart from that it could learn a big variety of moves, I liked to use U turn on bulky waters which he couldn't 1 hit provided damage and good send out

Electivire,Magmortar and Gliscor cleaned the battle tower for me in Diamond like all pokes were made of butter

Machamp, I met him actually in the hack hardgold, I needed a fight Pokemon for Whitney and thought lemme trade that Drowzee for Machop, He became a beast his No-Guard + Stab Dynamic punch after some bluk ups almost solo'd Lance in a harder version of Heartgold..

In Platinum I did a Fly-only run And there I met Togekiss and wow, It is IMO (even with Wargle out there) the best noormal/flying Pokemon, Serene Grace works the best for him it can almost 100% Immobilize foes with Airslash 60% chance and Bodyslam/Thunderwave It can learn Aura sphere which is one of it's awesome features and roost on the top of it all to let the mascare of immobilization never end

Gliscor is boss. Period.
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