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    Hyrule Field

    Diceon laughed. The Ranch was maybe one of the closest locations and didn’t seem like a bad idea at all, but it was private property which could lead to them being denied access. Although he wouldn’t admit it, Diceon would probably sneak in if he had to as long as the intention of doing so was innocent. They walked off to Lon Lon ranch and as soon as they were within a few meters range of it, a large mob of skeletal monsters, no doubt Stalchildren, appeared before them by climbing out of the ground.

    As the rose out of the ground, Diceon counted them all, five in total and all bearing short swords and small wooden shield. They were slowly rising from out of the ground although they appeared menacing though not enough fear was installed within Diceon to hold him back from fighting. Remembering the deft weaving and spinning he did with his pole previously, Diceon managed to skillfully hack one’s arm off with his metal pole, and then line drove its head out of sight. Before he could land any blows on another Stalchild, a skeletal hand clutched his leg from the ground while he was sprinting towards another target. Diceon looked over his shoulder and saw a sixth Stalchild was halfway raised out the ground grabbing his leg, causing him to lose him balance and fall sideways.

    Lon Lon Ranch

    "Anyways, no... Even if there was danger, it'd easily be blocked at the gate. As for recent news... Nothing to speak of... Except maybe the Sealing Festival, tomorrow evening at Castle Town... Though I doubt I'll be going... And I do live here alone, yes, but I don't mind the occasional guest... It does get lonely here sometimes..."

    Malon’s final statement reminded Tatal a lot of his life in the Lost Woods. It was very lonely and very often Tatal had lost a lot of his social skills and became more taciturn. As if hearing his thoughts, the boy-cat settled into his lap.

    "It's getting late... I'm heading off to bed, you can go ahead and do whatever you'd like, but I hope you don't stay up too late. I'll be waking you at dawn for your breakfast~.” she said after getting to her feet and yawning.

    "I think it'd be a good idea for us to do the same, you know? A good night's sleep not only keeps you healthy, it lets your brain rest so that you can think more clearly throughout the day. Unless you had other plans for the night?" the cat said to him as soon as Malon closed the door and seemed to be out of earshot.

    Tatal nodded at the cat although he really didn’t want to go to sleep around strangers. Although he trusted that they wouldn’t do him harm in his sleep, they might not be able to protect him as a guest although they were generous enough to give him a place to sleep.

    “…As for recent news... Nothing to speak of... Except maybe the Sealing Festival, tomorrow evening at Castle Town... Though I doubt I'll be going...” Malon’s words came to Tatal’s attention. Maybe he could help her go there as she sounded to want to go to the festival although that would leave her ranch unprotected. Tatal shook his head side to side slowly as if to decline the opportunity although he did have an urge to do so. Tatal put this thought to the back of his mind.

    “So before I sleep,” Tatal began, directing his voice toward the cat and careful to keep his voice from rising, “who are you and what do you plan to do here?”

    With that asked, Tatal allowed the cat to think over his answer as he looked at the bed in the room. It was the first real bed he had seen in years and it was tempting though Tatal had gone almost 4 days without sleep and for all he knew, it might be a long slumber although Cucco here will no doubt sound at the break of dawn if what he heard was true.