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Haha, this is cool. Zoey and Grovyle are like the worst of enemies while Ben and his (adorable female) Dewott are the best of friends. Trainers and pokémon can be really different, which is why it's fun to have this many players to read the creations from.

@ Xlugon Pyro
So much detail! *puts golden star on player*

- Vuowth (Grovyle) grew to lvl 12 and learned Quick Attack!

@ Letham
Nice first post! I kind of feel like you and I have the same writing style ^^

- Lucy (Dewott) grew to lvl 12 and learned Water Sport!
- Ben's new Blitzle is on lvl 8!

(I'm a bit lazy now, it's late/way too early. I'll edit the OP tomorrow)

"Maybe it could involve painting pictures and picking flowers...
Maybe a trial like that could be cool?"

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