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Episode 8: "An arrow's first flight! Ambush in the camp!" (part 2)

"Wendy, what's the matter?" Brock asked as Wendy dashed into her tent, running right past him.

"Mad Ursaring--and all I was doing was finding Berries for our lunch!" Wendy wheezed. "Find some way to scare it off, and fast!"

[I've got this!] Tenku called just as a large bear Pokemon tore into the clearing, intent on harming the terrified girl in the tent. She leapt off the tree she was perched on and dove towards the Ursaring, ramming its leg with Aerial Ace. The Ursaring bit down hard on Tenku's foot, dragging her down to the ground and leaving a small red trail of blood.

[Tenku!] Hinata gasped.

[I've been bit by worse Pokemon than Ursarings before, even though this is a painful bite...] Tenku groaned as Brock hurried to assess Tenku's injury.

"Hinata, try and hold off the Ursaring long enough for me to clean and dress Tenku's wound, okay?" Brock instructed Hinata as the Ursaring glanced around the camp, as if searching for another challenger to take down. "Protect the Eevees and Emi at all costs!"

[Got it!] Hinata replied before charging at the Ursaring and unleashing a Flame Wheel at it. The Ursaring growled in pain, and lunged at Hinata, but its claws merely grazed the tiny Vulpix's fur.

"Hinata, try Flamethrower!" Brock called as he quickly, yet carefully bandaged Tenku's wound.

[HAH!!!!] Hinata unleashed a stream of white hot fire, making the Ursaring howl in pain.

"Did you burn it?" Wendy asked from the tent.

Hinata was about to answer, but the Ursaring's claws caught her off guard! She scrambled to get away, but she too received a bloody scratch on one leg.

Brock sighed as Hinata limped back to him in pain--with two Pokemon wounded, they needed to find a Pokemon Center, and fast.

[Let me fight!] Terra offered. [I'll show this bully who's boss!]

Brock sighed. "I appreciate your courage, Terra..." he began as he begin cleaning Hinata's wound. "but what if you were hurt too? Emi and the Eevees can't fight..."

"And I don't really want to use Mizuchi, because I'm afraid she'll attack Brock instead...." Wendy added from the tent.

[Isn't that the whole reason you made your bow?] Tenku reminded him. [In case we couldn't battle?]

That's right--I forgot about my bow! Brock smiled. He carefully made his way to the tent with a few arrows in his hands, ever aware of the growling Ursaring several feet away. "Got any Repels?" he whispered to Wendy.

"Yeah--normal, Super and Max." Wendy whispered back. "Why?"

"Maybe if I sprayed a little on my arrows, and shot them close to the Ursaring, it wouldn't harm the Ursaring, but scare it off." Brock explained. "So could you spray a little on these arrows?"

"Sure..." After a few tense moments, Wendy's hand emerged from the tent with a Repel bottle and lightly sprayed the three arrows in Brock's hands. "There...that should do it."

[Good luck, Daddy!] Emi called as she watched Brock aim an arrow at the snarling Ursaring. After a few tense seconds, the arrow went flying, with the Repel making a small green cloud appear at the Ursaring's feet when it landed in the ground with a thunk.

The Ursaring, meanwhile, sniffed the air and started to turn to leave, more out of fear than the smell of the Repel laced arrow. The second Repel tinged arrow landed a few inches away from the first, making the Ursaring crash back through the brush to the safety of the forest as the smell of the Repel grew stronger.

Wendy peeked from the tent and grinned at the fleeing Ursaring. "It worked! It's running away!"

[That was a pretty cool idea, putting Repel on your arrows!] Satomi smiled.

"I didn't want to needlessly hurt the Ursaring--that would've made it madder." Brock explained. "So putting Repel on my arrows and firing them into the ground was the first thing I thought of that wouldn't hurt it."

Wendy emerged from the tent some minutes later. "You've got some brave Pokemon." she smiled. "And you're not that bad an archer, either."

"Thanks..." Brock sheepishly grinned, flattered by the compliment as the Pokemon laughed...
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