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    Pokemon Champions Challenge: Red's Fire Red Run Through
    Part 1
    -Named self Red, named rival Blue.
    -Started with Charmander, named him Iron Man.
    -Did starter stuff.
    -Hacked in Bulbasaur and Squirtle, level 5. Named them Hulk and Cap.
    -Leveled my trio up to level 9.
    -Went and caught Thor the Pikachu.
    -Levelled Thor to Level 9.
    -Swept Blue with Thor's Thundershock.
    -Ran through Viriian Forest with Iron Man.
    -Took on Pewter Gym.
    -Defeated Brock using Cap's Bubble on both Geodude and Onix.


    Level 9/Lax/Male/Overgrow
    Tackle/Leech Seed/Growl

    Iron Man/Charmander
    Level 14/Reaxed/Male/Blaze
    Ember/Metal Claw/Scratch/Growl

    Level 13/Impish/Male/Torrent
    Water Gun/Tackle/Tail Whip/Withdraw

    Level 9/Careful/Female/Static
    ThunderShock/Growl/Tail Whip/Thunder Wave
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