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Takumi Makkusu - I Thought I Was Rude

No, really. I thought I was the rude one, from what I've been told back home. My new roommate flaked on me to the bathroom to get ready for bed. He was in bed soon after. Not even gonna mention his name to me. Not even a single word. I can see now that some monsters are quite rude. Maybe i'm just going way over my head here. I went to see what time it was.

Is it that late? I don't feel the tiniest hint of the sandman. Is that another Youkai? What could I do for part of the night? I'm not a fan of bedtime if you haven't already guessed. I guess I could play some video game. Good thing I brought my 3DS. It's red with cool games!

I don't bother to change in my pj's. I don't need them. Going to play Unchained Blades~

This is ShinyDiamond informing that Takumi fell asleep at 1 AM without covers over him. His 3DS is near his hand still. I apologize for his energy. Anyway, this is the end of the post, so I thank you.

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