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    chapter 1; Proving One's Self-Worth, Part I
    Katherine Aldine // Route 2

    Route 2: A simple, clear-cut route that led from north of Viridian City to the foreboding Viridian Forest. It is here that Katrina and her new Pokemon partner, Phoenix, begin their journey.

    Katt took in the fresh, crisp air of the route and smiled, "Okay, Phoenix, our journey begins now!"

    Phoenix the Combusken clucked happily and threw a clawed hand in the air, "Combusken!"

    Encouraged by her Pokemon's enthusiasm, Katt decided it'd be best to train. "Alright, let's find some wild Pokemon to battle, okay?" Bounding up a near-by hill, Katt scanned her surroundings from its crest: the route really was in pristine conditions. The grass was cut from the wild Pokemon who munched on it, the dirt road was beaten but overall pleasant to see, and flowers bloomed in abundance while sentient pines rose from the east and the west.

    "Combusken!" The Pokemon's cry ripped Katt from her revelry. Attempting to find Phoenix, the young Trainer finally spotted her Pokemon battling against, what appeared to be, a Nidoran!

    "Phoenix! Wait!" Katt cried as she descended the hill to be closer to the action.

    However, her cry was a mistake, allowing the wild Nidoran to launch a flurry of Poison Sting at an unsuspecting Phoenix. "Comb!" The Fire-type cried in agony from the brutal assault and dropped to one knee.

    "Phoenix!" Katt reached the Combusken and put a hand on her back, "Are you okay, girl?"

    "Comb...Busken!!" The Pokemon gave a cry, assuring Katt she could still battle.

    Katt nodded and looked at her Pokemon's adversary. It was a female Nidoran and it was smiling smugly, waiting for her opponent to make its strike.

    Katt rose to her feet and said, "Alright, Phoenix, use uh..." Katt froze. She didn't know Combusken's attacks!

    The Pokemon looked at its Trainer uncertainly, "Comb?"

    "Um, one second, Phoenix..." Katt reached into her bag and retrieved the PokeDex. "Okay, let's see...Combusken knows Scratch, Growl, Focus Energy, Ember and Night Slash...It's a physical Pokemon so...Phoenix, use Night Slash on Nidoran!"

    Phoenix gave a cry and launched itself at Nidoran with lightning speed! Its talons become coated in a sinister black aura and struck Nidoran head-on!

    "Nido!" The small Poison-type went flying backwards, landing dazed a few feet away. Katt began to cheer until Combusken fell to her knee again.

    "Huh? Phoenix, what happened?!" She ran over to Phoenix and gasped. Her Pokemon's talon had been punctured by one of Nidoran's spines. "Poison Point, of course! Gods, I'm so stupid!" Katt sank to the floor and put her head in her hands. "How can I be a Trainer when all I've done is mess things up like this? And it isn't even a Trainer battle!"

    "Comb..." Phoenix placed a talon on Katt's shoulder, causing the girl to look up at her Pokemon, "Comb, combusken!" It gave a smile and rose to its feet, albeit shakily. Phoenix then assumed a fighting stance, "Combusken!"

    " still want to fight? Even though my mistake got you hurt?" Katt couldn't believe it. In all her years of field study, it never occured to her that a Pokemon would want to keep fighting while injured. "Okay, Phoenix," she said firmly, "let's try this again, then! Ember!"

    "Combusken!" The Fowl Pokemon unleashed a flurry of flames that hit the still dazed Nidoran perfectly.

    "Nido!..." With a final cry, the Pokemon fainted, its right hind leg twitching in the air.

    "Oh wow," Katt was amazed, "Phoenix, we did it!" The excited Trainer gave her Pokemon a hug and noticed that Phoenix tensed. "Huh? Is everything okay?" She released her Combusken from the embrace and noticed the grimace on Phoenix's face.

    "Comb..." It clucked weakly. Katt then remembered the spine and a cold chill ran down her spine. The ability Nidoran possessed was Poison Point, a dangerous defense mechanism that causes an attacker to become afflicted with terrible toxins if they make physical contact with the small rodent Pokemon.

    "We need to get you patched up right away! Luckily," Katt reached into her bag, "I remembered to bring some supplies from home!" She pulled out a small, pink Pecha Berry and handed it to her partner. "Eat that and your poison will clear up right away!"

    Phoenix just nodded and ate the fruit fervently. A moment later, the Pokemon jumped up and cried happily, "Busken! Combusken!"

    Katt giggled, "Glad you're feeling better." Rising to her feet, Katt exhaled a breath she didn't even release she'd held in. "Well, I may not be the best battler, but at least I know how to treat an injured Pokemon!"

    Phoenix clucked in agreement and the two continued on their way.


    The couple of Katt and Phoenix didn't make it much farther along the route before Katt encountered her next wild Pokemon.

    There, frolicking happily in the field were three Grass-type Pokemon just waiting to be fought: A Deerling, a Cottonee, and a Petilil.

    Katt pulled out her PokeDex and, after registering data on the three Pokemon, turned to Phoenix, "Okay, girl, this time we're going to do things right! None of our targets have harmful abilities so you can hit them with Scratch and Night Slash easily. But, snce they're all Grass-types, Ember's our best bet!"

    "Comb," the Pokemon nodded in understanding.

    "Okay, so let's do this!" Katt pointed at the Cottonee, which happened to be floating farthest from the group and commanded, "Phoenix! Use Ember on Cottonee!"

    "Combusken!" The flurry of orange flames flew forth and seemed to hit the airborne Pokemon, but when the smoke was no where to be seen!

    "What?! But, it was right there!" Katt was utterly confused until she looked overhead and saw the Pokemon there! "How did it-" A thought clicked in her head, "Chlorophyll! It doubles a Grass-Pokemon's Speed in sunlight! That's why it was able to dodge the attack!"

    "Cottonee!" The wild Pokemon gave a cry and launched a Leech Seed attack at Phoenix!

    "Phoenix! Dodge it and use Ember again!" Katt shouted.

    Phoenix responded quickly, but its attack still missed the impossibly fast Grass-type! "Drat!" Katt looked at the Deerling and Petilil who'd basically been forgotten and made note that they weren't trying to attack. "Must think this is all a game..."

    Phoenix looked around frantically, finally spotting the wayward Cottonee near a large oak tree. "Comb!" Without provocation, the Fire-type launched another Ember, this time hitting the Pokemon before it got a chance to move!

    "Way to go, Phoenix!" Katt cheered. She then realized that, when she gave Phoenix the command to use Ember, Cottonee dodged the attack. Yet, when Phoenix launched the move independently, the Pokemon wasn't given warning and couldn't flee. "Now, how to use that..." Katt mumbled.

    Before she could finish her thought, the injured Cottonee launched an Absorb move at Combusken! "Quick, Phoenix, jump over the attack and strike from above in an arc!" Katt cried.

    Phoenix jumped, barely missing the assault and launched an Ember that spread out into a fan-like shape towards Cottonee! The Pokemon moved from the center, but was caught before it could completely evade the arc!

    "Cottonee!" The Pokemon gave a weak cry before falling to the ground, fainted. Katt cheered, "Woo! We did it! Good work, Phoenix!"

    However, there was no time to rest. The wild Deerling finally took notice of Cottonee's dillema and came charging at Phoenix. Before Katt could get out a word of warning, the wild Pokemon slammed its ead square into PHoenix's chest, sending the Fire-type into the trunk of the large oak!

    "Comb!" Phoenix grunted, but rose and let out a cry of challenge, "Combusken!"

    "Deer! Deerling!" The wild Deerling stomped its hoof in response.

    "Be careful, Phoenix! Deerling is faster than Cottonee, and more powerful, but it has four legs you can trip up! Use Night Slash! Aim for its forelegs!" Katt commanded confidently. She was feeling more and more empowered as she battled.

    Phoenix responded effortlessly, sweeping Deerling's front legs out from under it with one Night Slash!

    "Now, use Ember and follow up with a Scratch attack!"

    "Comb!" The Fire-type unleashed an Ember that pelted the injured Pokemon from above and nearly planted the finishing blow before being hit sideways by Petilil!

    "Oh, so you've joined the fight, too?" Katt smirked, "Phoenix, make sure not to K.O. Petilil! We're capturing her!"

    Phoenix nodded before rising to her feet and coming at Deerling and Petilil with outstretched claws. "Comb!" With blinding quickness, Combusken slashed at Deerling and Petilil, batting the smaller Pokemon away.

    "Deer!" "Petil!" Both Pokemon cried out in pain and Deerling, unable to rise due to fatigue, slumped to the floor.

    "Two down, one to go!" Katt's eyes scanned the horizon and spotted Petilil, still dazed, a few feet away.

    "Alright, Phoenix, it's capture time! Whittle down Petilil's stamina until I say to stop!"

    "Combusken!" The fowl Pokemon charged at Petilil, but was knocked backwards!

    "Phoenix?!" Katt saw that Phoenix was covered in strange, brown pods and vines. "A Leech Seed! Phoenix, quick, use Scratch the shred the vines before they sap your strength!"

    The Combusken attempted to cut the vines, but already the attack was draining Phoenix's energy! "Comb!" The Pokemon cried in pain as her energy was sapped!

    "Petilil!" The wild Petilil charged into Phoenix again, sending her rolling. Katt chewed her lip in anxiety. What to do?

    "Got it! Phoenix, use Ember on the vines!" Katt shouted. Phoenix did as told and, thankfully, the vines burned away, allowing Phoenix to rise to her feet. "Now, Scratch!"

    "Combusken!" Phoenix launched herself at Petilil and struck it hard with her talons! The small Grass-type gave a cry and was flung by the attack!

    "Alright, now let's see if I'm any good at capturing Pokemon..." Katt muttered as she retrieved a PokeBall from her bag. "Go, PokeBall!" The spherical object flew from the girl's hand and struck the weakened Pokemon, causing the rb to pop open and a shower of light to come out and absorb Petilil into the sphere!

    The ball wiggled...Once...Twice...Thrice! With a resounding PING, the ball stopped shaking. Katt couldn't believe it. "We did it, Phoenix!" She gave her Pokemon a hug and the Combusken clucked cheerily. "We caught our first Pokemon!" Running to the PokeBall, Katt was as giddy as a kid on Christmas! "I can't believe it!"

    And, now, with a new comrade in tow and a bit more confidence in herself, Katt and Phoenix continued along Route 2, certain to encounter even more interesting Pokemon before reaching Viridian Forest.
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