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I know that a lot of people are keen on the Norse Mythology theory, but today in my Survey of Asian Art class my professor told us about this...sort of judge-like forest spirit (he compared it to the forest guardian in Princess Mononoke) with very long horns, large eyes that could perhaps see the future, a long neck, and, in his own words, "legs and hooves planted firmly on the ground." What this creature did was change color if you were brought before it, and the color would be indicative if you were guilty or innocent of a crime.

I didn't have the opportunity to ask him if there was some sort of "winged counterpart," or even for the name of the forest creature, but it instantly reminded me of Xerneas with its long legs and neck, multi-colored antlers, and eyes bearing an X. So perhaps these legendaries are based more on Asian mythology, or maybe even show influences from Asian and Norse myths.

If anything, his lecture has made me think Xerneas has a pretty good chance of being Grass-type x3

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