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    Originally Posted by James901 View Post
    The OP is now up to date.

    And Kitrigar I wish you luck man
    Haha, thanks! I'm gonna need it x_x.
    I overestimated Ditto's ability to do.. anything. :\

    Starting with Yellow>Crystal>Emerald>Platinum>Black 2.
    Will use emulators because my current saves for my actual cartridges are precious to me, lol.

    Using Ditto for all of these.

    Pokemon Yellow

    Name of Ditto: Slurpy

    No. of Items Used:
    150 Super Potions
    2 Max Potions
    5 Hyper Potion
    13 Full Restores
    48 Revives
    6 Rare Candies

    No. of Wipeouts:

    Just after the battle with Pewter Gym, Slurpy's level is 18.
    Grinding super hard right now lol.
    Badge numero UNO

    After going through Mt.Moon, clearing the Cerulean Gym and clearing Cerulean city, Slurpy's level is 29
    Badge numero DOS

    After clearing Vermillion City, S.S. Anne and the Vermillion Gym, Slurpy's level is 37
    Badge numero TRES

    The most treacherous cave ever: Rock Tunnel. Both annoying and time consuming, no? Even speeding it up didn't change how I felt about this cave. Cleared the Rock Tunnel and the Routes around Lavender Town. Slurpy's now level 45.

    Travelled through the underground tunnel and headed to Celadon City where I kicked Team Rocket's butt for the Silph Scope and died whole bunch at Celadon Gym. Slurpy is level 49
    Badge numero CUATRO

    Went through the Pokemon Tower, and spent a good hour there until I finally managed through it. After the Pokemon Tower, I wandered around Celadon City, forgetting where to get the damn 'drink' for those stupid officers. That took at least 30 minutes for me to remember. Finally, I headed over to Saffron city, where I spent another hour trying to get through Silph Co. This was when I realized how much I hated Gary and the Team Rocket gang with their stupidly repetitive Pokemon. I then proceeded to die a bajillion times in the Saffron Gym because of an Alakazam that does nothing but Recover itself. I used a total of, no joke, 94 Super Potions and 32 Revives, 90% of that being against Sabrina. Slurpy is now level 60
    Badge numero CINCO.

    Wow. Fuschia Gym was easier than I thought, but the outer areas were not. I think I've used Koffing at least 20 times. So bad . Anyway, I'm nearing the end. I've spent most of my day doing this and I'm determined to get these runs finished asap. Slurpy is now level 68 and doing a lot better.
    Badge numero SEIS

    I did not think ahead. Although I managed to clean out the entire area surrounding Cinnabar for some extra EXP, Cinnabar Island is tough. It's all fire and the worst part? The Abandoned Museum. Yeah. No money left to get enough repels to last, so I'm unintentionally grinding there and wasting potions. Blaine wasn't much of a problem, but still used a LOT of Super Potions and Revives to get him down. His Rapidash and Arcanine are a PAIN. Slurpy's now level 74.
    Badge numero SIETE

    Okay, well, I didn't expect to finish Viridian so quickly. Transforming into Dugtrio burned through Giovanni's whole team within seconds (speeding up with emu). Every trainer in the gym had very effective initial Pokemon for me to plow through their teams. Anyway, I only got one level. Slurpy's now level 75. And now we're ready to head out to the Indigo Plateau&Elite 4!
    Badge numero OCHO (complete!)

    Passed through the oh-so annoying Victory Road and bought a whole bunch of Full Restores and Revives. Slurpy's now level 79 and ready to challenge the league.

    Beat the league, and made a speedy, quick video.
    Here it is:

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