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    Name: Alicia "Arisu" Lovelace
    Gender: Female
    Physical Age: 16
    Actual Age: 376


    *The character portrayed in this image is Alice from Pandora Hearts. She was the base for my description of Alicia, however the two characters do not share any similarities beyond names and appearance.

    Appearance: Alicia carries the appearance of a youthful girl in her prime. She stands at about 5'4" and has a slender, girlish figure with curvy hips and an ample bust. Alicia's hair is jet-black and flows down to the small of her back in ringlets. Her eyes are a deep, blood-red color and her skin is very fair. Despite her complexion and hair color, Alicia is not Asian, but actually European and Spaniard. Alicia's lips are very thin and, as she hardly ever puts lipstick on, it's difficult to tell whether she's pressing her lips or not. Her fingernails are kept trimmed and painted with a shimmering, blood-red coat.

    As far as attire, Alicia wears a very tight-fitting, crimson top with black buttons and long sleeves. The cuffs are black, as are the stitchings and collar. The back half of the top is of a different fabric than the front, made of leather, and consisting of a red-and-black diamond pattern. The coat top also ends with exaggerated coat tails of crimson. Alicia's skirt matches her top, being crimson in color and ornately decorated with black lace and ribbon. Her underskirt is also black lace and puffs out slightly beyond the end of the skirt. Alicia's stockings are striped and alternate between red and black. Her shoes are crimson stilettos with sharpened points.

    Personality: Alicia, or Allie as she prefers, is a very sadistic and calculating Reaper. She is quick to judge an individual based on the smallest twitch, shift in vocal pattern and eye movement and is almost never wrong in her conclusions. Allie gets a kick out of playing head games with others as well. Nothing pleases her more than to leave someone utterly frustrated over a few carefully chosen words. Well, one thing does, but reaping is expected to be enjoyed.

    Alicia is also a very level-headed and intellectual young woman. She never loses her temper. Ever. To some, this is unhealthy, but Allie assures them that if she ever expressed her anger, that it would likely cause the end of the world. Allie, while also keeping her emotions in check, is incredibly capable under high pressure. The idea of dead-lines, impending disaster or being late don't bother her in the slightest and all seems to work out for her in the end. Her intellect is not without praise, either. Allie's favorite past time, besides torture, is literature. She loves to lounge about and read of different theologies, the heroes of old, and even dabbles in teen fiction of the modern day.

    Unlike other Reapers, Alicia doesn't much enjoy the company of humans, or visiting Earth. She finds humans to be petty creatures only focused on the short-term and lacking any sort of insight for the future. Some Reapers find this hypocritical since Alicia was a human herself, once, but the young woman is quick to say that she behaves the same way she does as a Reaper as she did in life, although she knows very little about her human life to begin with.

    Weapon(s): Alicia is very fond of slicing and dicing things, so she carries around several sharp, dangerous weapons. Slung across her back, the Reaper carries a Death Scythe constructed from the metal of a fallen star and the wood of a Sakura tree. This is her preferred weapon. Alicia also carries three butterfly knives attached to the garter she wears on her right thigh. At her sides, attached to two belts that form an "X" at her waist, are two chakrams about the size of Frisbees. Each is wickedly sharp and weighted to return to the, if thrown properly.

    Past Life: Alicia's past life is all but an enigma to her. Bits and pieces of her past come to her when she dreams, but Allie really doesn't know much beyond that she was born in Great Britain and that she was changed at the age of 22, despite looking 16.

    Special Gifts/Talents: Alicia has a curious ability that is not common among reapers. If Alicia forces herself to expel her negative emotions, then those feelings materialize into an impenetrable shield that allows Allie to safely attack her opponents. This shield, known as the Agony Armos, gets weaker the longer Alicia keeps it up since it drains her Spiritual Energy. After a few minutes, the shield disappears completely and cannot be regenerated for six hours. In addition to her shield, Allie can also project her negativity onto others in order to influence them. And, finally, if Allie sacrifices a large portion of her Spiritual Energy, she can draw from that to solidify her negative emotions into a living creature that can serve as a separate being from Allie, or be controlled by her as an avatar. The creature's form is different depending on the emotion being drawn from and disappears approximately 15 minutes after being summoned.

    Any Other Info: Alicia has a weakness for pomegranates and roses. It is out of her character to show true excitement, but she simply cannot contain herself when presented with roses or pomegranates.
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