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    She was speaking so fast his head was spinning. He could barely follow her train of thought, but it seemed to revolve around doing something nice for Valorie. Well, sure, they were friends. He'd love to do something nice for a friend. But first things first.

    "Alright, that's kind of childish though, refusing to even speak to someone because they happen to "Align" themselves with someone you don't like for reasons they had nothing to do with, nor even know what they are. Go ahead, keep acting like a spoiled little baby, it won't bother my day." Thyme said with an acid tongue. Brian scooped her into his arms and smiled.

    "Awh, Thyme, don't be so mean. He probably had a bad day or something." he said with a kind apologetic smile to Roberto before carrying her back to Mark and Lucia, where he then attempted to respond to her. But first he smiled at Diana and Samuel.

    "Ok, it's fine. Nice to meet you both." he said happily, turning again to their trainer.

    "Um... I can try, but most birds don't fly at night... And... Grass types? I think that I can do that... And... I'm ok with fashion, I guess..." he mumbled. Thyme rolled her eyes and slipped her vines into his pocket, pulling out his badge and ribbons case.

    "Brian, you've won three ribbons. Don't be so modest!" she scolded, putting it in his hands. He wordlessly opened it and saw the ribbons, A Normal Smart ribbon for Thyme, a Super Smart, also Thyme, and a Normal Cute, which was Duster's. Yeah... He could do that.
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