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    Hailey, Arcea, Tim, Aiden & Anonymous Gabite Wielder #1 - Eterna City Ruins ~ Outskirts

    "SAVE ME, TIM. YANDERE ALERT." Arcea's intimidation tactic must have worked! Olga seemed to be unaffected by Aiden's Attract after a moment, and that means she gets him all to her happy little self.~

    Or rather, Arcea was free to concentrate on other things. Namely, the reason she was there. She glanced briefly in Aiden's general direction as if considering what to do with him before she decidedly disregarded his presence. She'd keep him riiiight where he was. It worked for her anyway. "...I'm here seeking help for my friend." Arcea explained, slightly grim now. She was referring to Hailey. The gardevoir spirit wielder was Arcea's primary concern, and always had been. Arcea leaned forward, leaning over slightly as if to intimidate Olga. This however was merely her attempting to show how serious she was. "...She's on a path of destruction—She wants to destroy /everything/," Arcea continued to explain. She clearly cared about the situation quite a bit.

    With that, she stood up straight and crossed her arms. "...I want to save her," she said. Her tone emphasized that she did not want to simply stop Hailey. She didn't want to defeat Hailey. She wanted to /save/ Hailey. These were very different phenomena(nananana). Arcea was anticipating questions, and she was ready to answer. However, for the moment being she went silent, leaving Aiden to hang idly, his head dangling down her back.

    Emily & Lucy - Near Eterna City Ruins

    Aaand Lucy had had about enough of /this/. Sorry, Amy. Mother dearest does not tolerate attacks. This boy was clearly out of his mind. They had just been /standing around/ and he had attacked them! That was all she needed to know, and she walked right up to him and punched him in his crazy/stupid face. Not just any punch, mind you, but a dynamic punch! Her hand raised, then switched positions and switched again as if she could not decide where to strike from. She finally struck out after a brief moment and just slugged him without hesitation. Bam! Considering his type weakness, there was almost no chance he would remain on his feet after that blow. Whether he could get back up was another question entirely. The blow was a bit cheap in nature, but Lucy did not care. Survival left no room for honor in the face of crazy.

    Emily didn't plan on letting this kid off with just a bruise on his face. He just tried to attack her new friends! (She didn't have many friends.) With Lucy's powerful, potent, puissant punch from the front, Emily teleported behind him (it worked this time!) and blasted him with the best Water Gun she could muster out of a high-pitched scream. Her attack, at least in this case, was at least as strong as a Hydro Pump, boosted even more from the type weakness that Lucy just exploited. Feel the power of love, scumsucker!

    The poor boy was getting knocked around by people throwing cheap shots and combos. It wasn't a fair fight at all, in full honesty. Did they care? Nah. In fact, Lucy's next response was to take notice of Emily's actions and promptly lift her dress up — mind you she /was/ wearing pants — and open her mouth stomach to catch Koto, where she immediately swallowed him whole, complete with a large drink of water to wash him down, courtesy of Emily. Cue slurping sounds. She then proceeded to steel herself against physical attacks with her acid armor. Koto could struggle, but Lucy's body stretched in an almost rubber-like manner and refused to give way, squeezing its victim harder each time he caused her some form of pain until he'd find himself unable to move at all — Assuming he bothered struggling in the first place.

    Woah. ...Woah. It's almost as if this was familiar somehow! Serious déjà vu here! Lucy, you /pig/! Stop eating everything and every/one/ in sight! It was Koto's turn to find out what a TV dinner felt like after being consumed however, and Lucy didn't seem to feel any remorse. She did not however immediately digest him. Rather, she turned to the others, hands on her hips and rather gravid looking belly sticking proudly out with her domineering stance. To change off from the status quo of devouring people, Lucy felt like 'sealing the deal' even further with a change of Pokéspirit! In a matter of moments, her belly-mouth disappeared with Koto still trapped inside, and her adorable, Audino-like poofy tail took a spot on her lower back with matching ears comfortably sitting on the sides of her head. Nothin' quite like being eaten by a cute girl that gets even cuter after the meal, right Koto? Mildly sadistic tendencies aside, Lucy had things she wanted to get to.

    "...Right," she said in a co**-sure tone. There was a hint of anger in said tone, suggesting she had had a long day and was not in the mood for games. "I feel like a human /prison/," she continued with mild disgust. Yes, even Lucy was getting sick of eating people — this was mostly because it was inconvenient, but a case of indigestion seemed to have found its way to her this time as well. This was not the time to spit him out, however; he didn't deserve it. "Bay, Mako... Are you with us?" she asked, hands still on her hips. She seemed to be seeking confirmation, however she didn't wait for an answer. "...Then come with me," she continued in a less domineering tone, turning and beginning to walk off in search of Jubilife. She made a point to meet Mako's eyes and smiled lightly at him, proceeding to beckon him with one hand. She wanted to speak to him personally.

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