Thread: Development: Adding [a] new type[s] in gen 3?
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    -WARNING-, kinda not that long post that's long

    Okay, so, to test a theory of mine, I decided to see if I could just change a Pokemon to a 19th type, without doing anything else to the rom. And the result:

    So in theory, we would not need to edit any table, if any existed. I'll experiment some more, and see if I can successfully implement them into the game.
    If this works, we would need to repoint the effectiveness table, and the picture of the type icon, to expand the number of type icons. But, with what to do with the "-type-" icon, I'm not sure.

    Okay guys, so I inserted this new type icon thingy:

    This new picture is 2 blocks bigger in height. In theory, this would affect the "Type", "Power" icons, the game uses the original pointer.

    (ignore the new attacks please)

    So I guess, this is a success? Of course, I still have to experiment with attacks. I'll re-edit this later.

    -EDIT TWO-
    Okay guys, I have edited the attacks.
    So, I edited the type to be not very effective against Grass. So this is the result:

    So its a success!
    - I also edited the type name as you can see.

    But there's a problem:

    I'm not exactly sure if this is a side-effect of the addition of a new type, but I'm not sure.

    So, in short, adding new types is possible without editing any tables, if any exist
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