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    As a way of "fixing" the Habitat issue that I described in the edit of my previous post, I came up with this solution:

    yes I know, cheap solution, removing the habitats entirely lol

    I basically somehow found part of the routine that loads the positions, and then I screwed around in VBA's memory viewer. Right now National Mode is enabled, if I left it disabled, then there wouldn't be 2 entries for the Seen/Caught thing (which is what I would prefer). The only problem is, whenever you catch a Pokemon that's Pokedex number is higher than 151, then its dex entry won't show up upon capture, EXCEPT if you have the National Dex enabled. I am trying to figure out how to make the entry show upon capture for Pokemon that's dex number is higher than 151.

    The positioning of everything in the screenshot is WIP. It is not a mockup, I achieved it by changing values in VBA's memory viewer, which can then be easily replicated in a hex editor as a permanent change to the ROM.

    This change has not yet been done to the actual ROM, as I said I achieved this with just by screwing around with VBA's memory viewer.

    Originally Posted by metalflygon08 View Post
    In the top right corner of Pewter, what's the purpose of the one way ledge? You can get to both sides easily. Wouldn't a second one way ledge below it make whatever's going to be there a little harder to get?
    That's just how the HG/SS map is.