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    Name: Nox Fenoir

    Gender: Male

    Physical Age: 21

    Actual Age: Over 200 years old

    Appearance: Nox stands at about 5'10 with a lean yet solid build and light brown skin complexion. He has long dreadlocks that hang down his back, though sometimes he keeps them tied up in a ponytail. His eyes are a grayish white color that may suggest blindness, but he isn't blind at all. For clothing he wears a forest green tshirt with cutoff sleeves that resemble a tank top, along with black cutoff cargo pants. On his feet he wears a pair of black high top sandals made of durable yet lightweight canvas material that leave his toes exposed, but otherwise cover his feet and ankles.

    Although mostly hidden by his clothing, his body is covered in many tribal tattoos. His left arm is completely sleeved in a black tribal pattern, and he has various symbols on his chest and right forearm. These markings are not like normal tattoos in that they are not made of ink and therefore cannot fade, but instead these designs have been permanently branded onto his body through his own black magic. Nox also wears a chain of bones and alligator teeth around his neck.


    Personality: Nox is a Reaper who says little, though his deceptively calm demeanor hides much of his true nature. He has a particular liking for cruelty and revenge, and is no stranger to torture. These traits are especially noticeable through his practices in black magic. His personality as a Reaper was formed largely in part by the circumstances surrounding the 'death' of his mortal soul, though he still retains some faint connection with who he was in his past life. Nox operates in secrecy and stealth, never seeking to draw attention to himself and preferring to keep himself hidden. He is in fact a tortured being who wishes to find peace within himself, and he gets his own sense of fulfillment through carrying out his death dealings as a Reaper. Though his physical body is young, Nox has learned a lot and has acquired much knowledge within a timespan of over two centuries. He has learned to use his wits to adapt to a society that has continued to advance over time.

    Although he is quite accepting of what has become of him since being reborn as a Reaper, Nox finds it difficult to live among mortals and being on Earth at times. A part of him wants for another chance at a mortal life as his own was cut short at such a young age. He hides these feelings even from himself and tries not to interact too closely with mortals, instead keeping his distance a lot of the time. In relation to other Reapers, Nox is somewhat reserved but no less violent if need be.

    Weapon(s): Nox makes his own weapons, all of which are infused with black magic to make them nearly impossible to break by mortal means. His two main weapons are a pair of javelin-like bone spears, which he can collapse and expand at will for maneuverability. The bone spears are used to stab or impale enemies. They are very versatile and can be used either separately or as one when Nox fuses them together to form a four pointed bone cross as a melee weapon. When not using them, he keeps the spears collapsed to the size of throwing daggers and keeps them hidden in his hair. Aside from the spears he also has a bone scythe, which he carries on his lower back attached at his waist. The scythe itself is considerably shorter than most and made from a large femur bone with one end carrying the sharp blade and the other having the club ending commonly seen in bones that once had sockets. Because of its shorter size, he can wield the bone scythe as both a slicing and clubbing weapon to deliver faster and more precise attacks. Nox created his bone spears and bone scythe from the skeleton of the man who killed his mother.

    Past Life: Nox has little knowledge of his past life long ago, most of his memories having been lost after he was reborn as a Reaper. He was born into slavery in southern Louisiana after his mother was kidnapped and brought there against her will. His mother was well known amongst the slaves as a Voodoo priest, and she brought her practices with her when she was kidnapped and later began teaching them to her son. Nox was shown to have developed some sort of gift for using the black magic to heal and assist the weak, and had made a name for himself as a well known Voodoo practitioner himself by the age of 21. As his abilities improved, he formulated a plan to use his dark magic to free himself and his mother from slavery. His mother never got her chance to escape, as she was caught practicing Voodoo by the slave master, who brutally killed her in front of Nox as punishment.

    In an attempt to avenge her death, young Nox mortally wounded the slave owner and was nearly killed with a knife stabbed into his chest. Before he died he cursed the man who had killed he and his mother. In his last few moments of mortal life, he stated that he would have it no other way for not even death could keep him from getting revenge. Right before his mortal soul perished, he was brought to Limbo where he was reborn again as a Reaper.

    Special Gifts/Talents: Voodoo had given Nox a wide range of abilities while mortal, but his black magic has become supernatural as a Reaper. He is able to inflict pain and cast curses, as well as summon and manipulate the physical forms of dead animal and human corpses through black magic to act as his own voodoo dolls. His tattoos are in fact powerful Voodoo curses, which he can use to conjure dark energy to torture or kill his enemies. Nox posesses a vast knowledge of poisons and seems to have an affinity for venomous creatures, especially reptiles. He is also able to transform his dreadlocks into snakes.

    Any Other Info: Nox tries to keep his mind and body well rested so he meditates often, and doesn't like it when people interrupt his meditation or his sleep.


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