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    Gangnam Style by Psy

    Everybody knows this song right? Some find it catchy, others find it annoying, some others just find it plain hilarious. Korean Pop has always been publicized by popular boy and girl bands such as Super Junior, Big Bang, Girls Generation and 2NE1. Which always include handsome men and hot chicks dancing some cool moves to a pop music. However, this man, Park Jae-sang, also know as PSY by his stage name, has really redefined the Korean Pop industry and has really made his song, Gangnam Style, internationally known for its the catchy lyrics like “OPPAN GANGNAM STYLE” and “HEYYYYYYY SEXYYY LADY” with the former being always read by many as “OPEN CONDOM STYLE”. It has been noted by many that this song made PSY from a little known star, to a global international star. And he even said in a interview that he has done the same kind of song and dance for 12 years, but nobody notices him, until the release of Gangnam Style of course. To think that he wasn’t well known outside Asia, it really makes you think back that how could such a hilarious guy be so not-famous.

    This song has also lots of parodies made by many people around the globe, it’s like every language/country has its own version of Gangnam Style. Even the British Army has also done a parody of it.

    This song also includes some really funny dance moves like the horseback dance, the cowboy dance and of course, the infamous and my favourite elevator scene which features the “pelvis dance” also know as an “air hump”.

    The music video on Youtube has also reached over a billion views as of time of post. It is already a Youtube record. The music video has also already surpassed the 813 million views Justin Bieber's "Baby" has accumulated. With a reported rate of $2 per 1,000 views on YouTube, "Gangnam Style" has generated $2,000,000 from the site alone. Psy has also pulled in nearly $4 million in digital downloads, with more than 3 million singles sold for $1.29 a pop, and $50,000 from streaming services.

    There are also many games and memes about this music video. From where I am from, even the old are learning this song in the community centre. This proves that the impact has already impacted almost everybody on the internet

    However, this song can be a little catchy when it’s like the first few times you’re are listening to it, but after awhile, it might be annoying to some and there are already many memes about how people find Gangnam Style annoying already.

    In conclusion, I can conclude that this song really changed the stereotyped made by many about K-Pop and has also made this guy, PSY even more famous than many other famous boy bands and girl bands. However, it might get a little annoying after hearing it like a few thousand times already.

    So in all,

    A 8.5/10 for its initial catchyness, but gets annoying after awhile.

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