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    Originally Posted by Papii View Post
    Alright, So I'm already planning my team for Pokemon X and Y, and Dragonite is going to be apart of it. I already have three moves, two that will counter his weaknesses, but I need one more.

    I was wondering, should I use Flamethrower or Heat Wave? I know that Flame thrower rarely misses and has more PP than Heat Wave, but I would like to start competitively battling again, mainly in doubles battles (this is where heat wave is good, it attacks both opponents)

    So which should I use? And, can you explain why?

    My Dragonite will be holding an item that doesn't enhance accuracy nor power of fire moves, please keep that in mind.
    To be honest, you'd be much better off with Fire Punch rather than Heat Wave or Flamethrower, because Dragonites are more physical oriented, but if you want a good Fire special move that even works in double battles, I'd honestly go for Fire Blast or Flamethrower, because usually, hitting two pokemon at once in a double battle, isn't as much effective as hitting one, because moves that hit multiple Pokémon have their damage reduced by 25%, unless all other Pokémon have fainted at that point.

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