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Mana Murasaki
The Espeon girl
At the Infirmary

Mana was quite suprised with the comments. She had expected no one would believe her at first, but maybe it was thanks to Kiyoko for shouting it out like that. Mana blinked a few times at Kilik, he… he found out? Actually she wanted to tell Valorie herself that she was the cause of her strange behavior earlier, but seems like Kilik was smarter than she thought. Valorie denied the fact that attract was used on her, and used as argument that attract couldn't be used on another girl. As soon she had spoken she stumbled towards the door. Mana choosed to stay silent about this matter.

Drake seemed quite stunned about the fact Mana had Espeon DNA and immediately started to tell them no one else could know this. He was right that there might be people who can't accept it, and for worse, she indeed could be taken away for testing. She never really thought about that one. That a few scientists wrote "failure" by her name doesn't mean other scientists won't be interested in her, it gave her the chills.

Drake and Valorie seemed to be about to leave, so she's gonna celebrate thanksgiving on her own afterall? Ofcourse she had Felicity and Fox…

"I-It's exactly like that… but you probably have noticed I lack human behavior…" Mana spoke softly, very quietly too. She smiled awkwardly, it was kind of embaressing.

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