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As mentioned, Amnesia and its sequel are proper cases of it still existing, and the excellent Zombie U is a good case of survival and action balancing perfectly. The genre still holds up, just the lines are a bit blurred, and more b-class studios are doing them then AAA studios thanks to the lack of profit. They see no reason to do a high-risk project if its not in a certain comfort zone, which is pretty narrow these days, so if RE and SH look to be poorer efforts, then that's exactly why. No one wants to bother making niche titles for pennies.
However I would like to say that you have likely overlooked two major titles in both franchises, both the excellent SHhattered Memories on the Wii and RE:Revelations, were one off shots of brilliance that need to be played. The psychological twist in the first is great, and when the world freezes up the tension is amazing, and the latter is RE4-2 basically, with some awesome locations, and some proper scares.

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