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    -Part 4-
    -Did Pokemon Tower.
    -Went straight down to Fuschia City via Cycle Road.
    -Went and caught Tauros! Named it BullWinkle
    - Flew to Lavender and trained Bullwinkle on the ride to Fuschia.
    -Took on the gym.
    -Defeated Koga using Bullwinkle's Strength on both Koffing's and Muk and Ella's Psychic on Weezing.

    Toad Sage/Venusaur
    Level 45/Hasty/Male/Overgrow
    Razor Leaf/Return/Sleep Powder/Leech Seed

    Level 45/Sassy/Female/Insomnia
    Psychic/Headbutt/Brick Break/Shadow Ball

    Level 41/Careful/Male/Intimidate
    Strength/Rock Tomb/Pursuit/Swagger