Thread: HG/SS: Lugia or Ho-Oh?
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    I was always a huuuuge Lugia fan girl, admittedly I do still love that pokemon to bits!

    But I personally had a lot emotionally invested into the pokemon games when I was in a relationship with someone. Lame, I know. So I ended up putting my pokemon games away for a year because it just reminded me of them...

    So finally I dug them out again and instead of playing my SS game I decided to open and play the HG I had laying there. I clearly wasn't going to give it to my ex and my SS still stung... I'm really glad I did? It just helped re-open the world of pokemon to me and I feel like Ho-Oh the phoenix pokemon really helped me!

    Now I'm kind of a big Ho-Oh fan! I even have been collecting plushies of the pretty birdy.

    Hey, I'm AJ.
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