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Originally Posted by Pillowing View Post
I actually just watched the anime a bit ago! I'm a little frustrated there isn't more? I'm told over and over again though that I just need to sit down and read the manga. I've been slacking a lot in the reading department so I just haven't brought myself around to it. I'd love it if they would just make another season or something of this show though! I want to know what happens! ;;
I know right, me too! They leave the series just as Haruhi and Tamaki... I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but I think it was a horrid place to end it. It would've been a great cliff hanger-esque ending to the the season if they were planning to make another one after, but if they're leaving it at that... I don't know, it's just pretty disappointing I guess. I'm not big on manga so I don't really intend to read the rest, it's just a shame they didn't continue it to watch. If you do find out what happens make sure to tell me somehow, I'd love to know where they all end up!

Originally Posted by Pillowing View Post
It was a great pick-me-up anime which I really enjoyed about it. If I was having a bad day I knew I could sit down and watch an episode and get a giggle out of it.
I think this is the perfect description for Host Club. It's a no-brainer anime that always entertains and can easily brighten up a bad mood just by laughing at how ridiculous Tamaki is! And watching the twins work their magic. ;D
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