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    Hey there guys! Small project I'm working on.. Hope someone can help.

    Hack name: Uh.. Pokémon Fire Red..Kimapop challenge? :D

    Hack of: Fire Red

    Additional information about the hack: Really, you couldn't call this a full "hack". All I want to do is change the player's trainer sprites in game, nothing more!

    Finished percentage: All sprites needed to be inserted are created, so depending on how much of a percentage you'd call the actual insertion of the sprites.. I'd say 50-80% complete?

    Your hacking skills: Next to none. I've managed to import my backsprite after a couple of days tutorial-reading, but I'm restricted to using the original female trainer palette.. Which I can work with but isn't preferable.

    What help or skill you're looking for: I'm specifically looking for someone who is able to insert premade (by myself) original overworld, back and trainer sprites into a fire red hack. If you are able to change the palette of said sprites also it would give me a lot more freedom to improve and change the sprites.

    Additional contact information: You can contact me via PM on this website or preferably via my email which is... [email protected]

    Additional information: If you're interested in this small project for some hacking experience or for something to do in your free/spare time it'd be much appreciated. I'm slowly learning how to insert original sprites myself but the process is taking a lot of time which I don't have outside my current work schedule. Please help!

    Also, as I'm an artist by trade I'd be happy to do some artwork for you in return for your kindness and help. For a preview of my work please have a look at my website: (www)kimarah(net)

    Here is a quick example of some of the sprites I've made thusfar:


    Oh.. I can't post spoilered images until I've made more posts. Above is the written link, just insert the dot! >_<

    Thanks for reading, hope to work with you soon!