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    Ghosts are some of my favorite pokemon, specifically Haunter and Duskull. That's the main reason I drew these pokemon, I also have the Scraggy line done and crappy Sableye. With the Gengar (and the unseen Gastly) I did draw from memory, probably the reason why it looks a little off. But my memory is not photographic so I looked up reference pictures on my phone for the Duskull line and the other pokemon.

    Thanks for the tips on line art from the both of you. The random really bold line are probably from where I had be erasing a lot and really dug my pencil into the paper to make the lines stay. I plan to pay more attention to my line work and get more erasers xD the next time I draw. The more that I can fix the line art on the paper the less work I should have to do in, it felt like I spent more time removing smudges and kind of smoothing out the lines than I did actually drawing them :/

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