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    Pretty big update!
    ~ ~
    Solo Pokemon Challenge with - Soul Silver Update #4

    The Progress:

    -Caught a Farfech'd along Route 38 to use as a replacement HM Slave for Hoothoot - Farfech'd can learn FLY and CUT
    -Caught a Miltank along Route 38 to use as a replacement HM Slave for Sentret
    -Arrived at Olivine City
    -Entered the Lighthouse and recieved my objective from Gym Leader Jasmine
    -Arrived at Cianwood City
    -Defeated Eusine. Difficulty: 0/5
    -Defeated Gym Leader Chuck. Difficulty: 0/5
    -Obtained HM02 FLY
    -Taught FLY to Farfetch'd
    -Gave Ampharos the Secretpotion
    -Defeated Gym Leader Jasmine. Difficulty: 2/5
    -Made it through Mt. Mortar
    -Arrived at Mahogany Town
    -Defeated Red Gyarados
    -Invaded the Team Rocket HQ
    -Meganium learnt BODY SLAM at Lvl46
    -Defeated Petrel. Difficulty: 0/5
    -Defeated Ariana. Difficulty: 1/5
    -Defeated Gym Leader Pryce. Difficulty: 0/5
    -Arrived at the Goldenrod Radio Tower
    -Defeated Petrel. Difficulty: 1/5
    -Went into the Team Rocket HQ in the Goldenrod Basement
    -Defeated Rival Heart. Difficulty: 1/5
    -Defeated Executive Proton. Difficulty: 0/5
    -Defeated Executive Ariana. Difficulty: 1/5
    -Defeated Executive Archer. Difficulty: 1/5
    -Recieved the Silver Wing
    -Gave Meganium the Amulet Coin
    -Entered Ice Path
    -Obtained HM07 WATERFALL
    -Taught Wooper WATERFALL
    -Arrived at Blackthorn City
    -Defeated Gym Leader Claire. Difficulty: 2/5
    -Obtained the Risingbadge from Claire in Dragon's Den
    -Increased MAGICAL LEAF's pp to 32 (with 3 Pp Ups = max Pp) (A STAB special attack move that never misses with that much Pp will be very useful)
    -Defeated the Kimono Girls. Difficulty: 2.5/5
    -Defeated Lugia
    -Arrived at Victory Road
    -Defeated Rival Heart. Difficulty: 1/5
    -Arrived at the Indigo Plateau!
    Badges: 8/16

    The Team:

    "Xander" Lvl68

    Rash - Overgrow
    Amulet Coin
    Headbutt, Magical leaf, Ingrain, Leech Seed
    HP:215 Att:137 Def:164 SpA:159 SpD:136 Spe:152

    HM Slave - Rock Smash, Whirlpool

    HM Slave - Cut, Fly

    HM Slave - Surf, Strength

    Solo Pokemon Challenge with - Platinum Update #1

    The Progress:

    -Hatched a Farfetch'd from an egg obtained from Diamond
    -Did all the blarble at the a Pokedex etc
    -Trained Farfetch'd up to around Lvl6 on wild pokemon outside Twinleaf Town, then began advancing forward
    -Arrived at Jubilife City
    -Recieved the Battle Recorder
    -Defeated Rival Barry. Difficulty: 2/5
    -Recieved HM06 ROCK SMASH
    -Taught Chimchar ROCK SMASH
    -Arrived at Oreburgh City
    -Farfetch'd learnt AERIAL ACE at Lvl13
    -Defeated Gym Leader Roark. Difficulty: 5/5
    -Defeated the two Galactic Grunts
    -Arrived at Floaroma Town
    -Entered the Valley Windworks
    -Farfetch'd learnt SLASH at Lvl19
    -Defeated Galactic Commander Mars. Difficulty: 2/5
    -Took Cheryl through Eterna Forest
    -Arrived at Eterna City
    -Defeated Gym Leader Gardenia. Difficulty: 0/5
    -Entered the Team Galactic Building
    -Defeated Galactic Commander Jupiter. Difficulty: 1/5
    -Obtained the bicycle
    -Defeated trainers along the Cycle Path
    -Went through Mt. Coronet and arrived at Hearthome City
    -Defeated Gym Leader Fantina. Difficulty: 2/5
    -Defeated Rival Barry. Difficulty: 0/5
    -Caught a Bibarel at Lvl19 to use as a HM Slave
    -Caught a Staravia at Lvl18 to use as a HM Slave
    -Taught Farfetch'd RETURN and gave him the Soothe Bell
    -Arrived at Solaceon Town
    -Picked up HM05 DEFOG
    -Taught Staravia DEFOG
    -Arrived at Veilstone City
    Badges: 3/8

    The Team:

    "Isaac" Lvl40

    Adamant - Inner Focus
    Soothe Bell
    Aerial Ace, Night Slash, Return, Swords Dance
    Hp:100 Att:77 Def:58 SpA:53 SpD:60 Spe:61
    "Henry" Lvl7

    HM Slave - Rock Smash
    "Jerry" Lvl19

    HM Slave
    "Olivia" Lvl18

    HM Slave