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Hey guys
So my friend has challenged me to a battle with the following conditions-
All pokemon be between level 60-70
All my pokemon be first gen pokemon (although one of our pokes can be from another gen)

This is his team as far as i know-
Kadabra (or Alakazam)
Pikachu (or Raichu)

This is what my team looks like currently-
Blastoise- Surf, Skull Bash, Ice Beam, Hydo Pump
Kadabra- Psychic, Recover, Psybeam, Future Sight
Arcanine- Extremespeed, Flamethrower, Take down, Fire Wheel
Dugtrio- Dig, Earthquake, Slash, Sludgebomb
Dragonite- Outrage, Dragon Claw, Wing Attack, Thunder Wave
Jolteon/Snorlax- No clue yet.

I am looking for any and all suggestions on changing moves, relearning moves, or even changing pokemon. A lot of my move sets aren't even custom made yet- they're just what the pokemon learn naturally (barring a few like Blastoise and Dugtrio).
Any help is appreciated!