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Originally Posted by gimmepie View Post
@Geras - Your character is accepted. This should be interesting since he is so young for a reaper, I might make use of that.
Originally Posted by gimmepie View Post
@Klar - I'm already a fan of your character since you took such a different direction to everyone else. No changes needed you're in.
I was thinking of having Destiny be physically nineteen but actually less than thirty, making her the youngest Reaper of all, but then I got into all of the Atlantis nonsense and I just had to make her ancient. >.>
I think I can come up with more than a few things to play around with her ancient-ness, though, lol.

And I guess I should have figured that a lot of people would have lonely, sadistic, psychotic, or silent characters. I guess that's just the first thought process when people think of Reapers. I honestly would like to see more such Reapers that are care-free, full of humor and sensitive, because it goes against most stereotypes. It's just, with me, Destiny has always been like that no matter what role she has been assigned, whether it's to be a Pokemon Trainer or Satan himself. <.<

So, it looks like we're waiting on four more SUs to be completed and one more person to join. At least that means we'll probably start soon, lol.
I've mostly skimmed over everyone else's SUs, but for each I've read the Personalities and Special Abilities. I'll have to read them all completely in a little while, lol. d:
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