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It looks pretty good~! Though maaaaybe the movesets can be tweaked a bit.

I've always found that moves with the same attack type, that damage the opponent in no special way, like Hydro Pump + Surf in the same moveset, to be redundant, as in, it's usually a case of power vs accuracy, and people would rather lean towards power. As I said about Surf and Hydro Pump being redundant, you really don't need Psychic + Psybeam + Future Sight on Kadabra, or Flamethrower + Flame Wheel on Arcanine, or Dig + Earthquake on Dugtrio, or Outrage + Dragon Claw on Dragonite.

Well, on Blastoise, what you can do is replace either Surf or Hydro Pump for Toxic. Toxic ruins other bulky waters like Lanturn, who doesn't carry Rest, as well as several other Waters and Electrics that tend to come in on Blastoise. I also recommend Rest > Skull Bash on Blastoise, because 2-turn moves turn out to be a liiiiittle slow, in which the opponent can react and switch out or maybe Protect accordingly, so Rest can serve as your survivbility.

Kadabra has a lot of options, y'know? Try for it to have Calm Mind > Psybeam, since Calm Mind is a great set up move for it. Also, if you can, try to have it have Fire Punch > Future Sight, for your coverage against steels, bugs, and grasses, and you'll be able to have a move that can hit psychics for neutral damage.

I recommend having Rock Slide on Dugtrio, which btw, is a move tutor move. It can hit flying types like Charizard and Crobat. Aerial Ace can also come in handy too, if say, you're up against a grass type.

On Dragonite, you can have mixed moves like Thunder or Thunderbolt > Dragon Claw against bulky waters like Vaporeon, or maybe Ice Beam for other Dragons.

Annnd on Arcanine... well, you can try moves like Iron Tail > Flame Wheel, or Howl > Flame Wheel for a nice stat boosting move, because as I said before, you really don't need Flame Wheel + Flamethrower on the same moveset.

Well, that's all I have to say~ These moves maaay be a little tough to come by, but, try your best! Well, take my advice or not, I wish you luck in your battle.

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