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    Elene Merlin
    Girl's Dorm
    An understated smile crawled across Elene's lips as she managed to garner an apology from her roommate, though she did not turn her eyes to face her, nor raise her voice to speak. Her precise movements were instead focused on the violin and its bow. Although it was certainly one of the finest instruments most would have ever gotten to lay their eyes upon, it was something a little less classy than the apex of all; which just so happened to be the very thing she wanted. A golden fiddle upon which she could play her tunes would have made a fine possession indeed, but even her wealth had not stretched so far; some more awards would perhaps be sufficient to obtain the instrument beyond all instruments. After all, she was the best fiddle-player that's ever been.

    Nami's compliments were likewise fitting, so Elene had no comment for them beyond taking personal note of the time; but that was a problem for Marilyn more than herself. A few more songs, then she would depart for slumber. Though when Nami began to sing, she flinched mentally; she was one of those singers and not particularly the kind that Elene had learned. She allowed Nami to sing her lyrics as she wished, only interrupting her when one violin song came to an end and she placed a hand on the other Vampire's shoulder. "Not bad at all, Nami." She smiled. "Allow me to show you how I do it."

    With the reprimand out of the way, Elene began to play a song of her own choice, one whose music would dance with her voice as lovers split by sky and earth, rejoining for a blissful moment to bless the ears of all who would hear her performance. Like Sirens had come to bless her lips, while a thousand Fairy hands came to play the strings of her violin with such speed and eloquence that it could not have come from just ten fingers. Words taken from the music sheets of pure Muses, a song she'd practiced since childhood and the one that had brought her one of her true friends, and it deserved nothing less than all of her effort, to form the beautiful song.

    As the last notes slipped into the aether, Elene closed her eyes and breathed deeply for a few moments, as her silver locks shifted to brunette and her eyes changed to the color of soft chocolate, allowing Marilyn to return for just the moment. "I need to sleep...sorry..." Marilyn muttered to the new person standing opposite her, who she would perhaps get to meet in the morning .She quickly packed the violin away, but with not as much grace as Elene would have done, and sluggishly changed into her pajamas without care for the other person occupying the room. Sleepytime took Marilyn away, as soon as she climbed between the sheets.
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